23 Magnetic Headlines for You to Use and Profit from in List Building!

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Magnetic Head Lines that you can use to Profit in List Building with

Okay…..so in my Last email, I went over some Power Words you can use in your Squeeze Pages and Optin Forms to produce higher Optin Rates.

I talked about how a first impression using your Squeeze Page really sets the tone and expectations in the relationship with your List.

So Please guys DO NOT screw this up .

If you get lazy and careless and start messing up  this first interaction with your List well….. Just DON’T.

Like my Dad always said to me..”Rob, be prepared to get that boot in the backside when you do silly ,nonsensical
things 🙂

So restrain yourself, folks lol

Anyway,  today I wanted to give you some specific
Headline examples with  those Power Words and have proven to be winners (and some other ones I give that are just great Headlines ! )

You can use these exactly as they are or better yet use them as a template and interchange different wording in your Squeeze Pages and Emails Headlines.

Enjoy !

23 Magnetic Headlines You Won’t be Sorry for Using

1. DISCOVER How You can turn 40% of your Traffic into New Email Subscribers.

2. Little Known Trick EXPOSES How Individuals are Losing up to 11 Pounds in less than 2 Weeks

3. Free Videos REVEALS 6 Shortcuts in building a Company Website in less than an hour !

4. AMAZING Stock Picking Software will give You a 25% Annual Rate of Return !

5. How to make $15 in 15 Minutes !

6. The SECRET in producing highly profitable Adsense Sites

7. 7 Email Mistakes that make You Look like an Idiot !

8. WARNING :This Information will Put You in Danger of getting truck loads of Subscribers  🙂

9. Don’t do these 10 things when trying to write Headlines

10. How to Increase your Subscription Rate by 35%

11. TURBO BOOST Your Article Marketing with this little known technique.

12. How to make money in List building even if you have NO product.

13. JAW DROPPING Profits can be yours with creating easy to make Amazon affiliate Sites.

14.The Top 10 Ways to make a full time Income from Home

15. 5 Steps to Learning Easy Spanish in 1 month !

16. My CLOSELY GUARDED SECRETS are revealed in this E-book on how to break $100 a Day in less than one hour work.

17. The Shocking truth about making a Living with List Building

18. How Safe is your Online business from getting hacked ?

19. Can we really trust the President of the United States and what he has done to small businesses ?

20. How to create an INSANE Squeeze Page that Converts at 45%

21. The Great List Building Hoax

22. How the Gurus try to steal your Money : 3 Ways to protect yourself.

23.  4 Little known facts that could affect your Squeeze Page Optin Rates

These Headlines and the basic templates of each one  have been proven to work time and time again in the past !

You are welcome to use all these. Like I said, you can take the basic structure of each one and apply to whatever scenario you are addressing.

For instance, in no.12 you could rewrite it as ” E Course REVEALS how to make Money in Internet Marketing even if you have NO Product”

Or another example would be for no. 21 you could say ” Free Report EXPOSES The Great  Facebook Hoax”
( Note : People just love reading about conspiracy theories. Just look at National Enquirer as it was built on this principle 🙂 )

So be creative with it and again as I always say , ‘ have fun’ !

Robert Andrew

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50 Power Words to get Your Squeeze Page to Convert over 50%

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 50 Power Words You can Use to Profit From on Squeeze Page

Okay, when you first met me and came into contact with me, one of the first things I did was introduce myself and tell you a little about me.

(You know,  how  I am a pretty good piece of work and can even be a little bit on the looney side when I am off my medication lol )

It was important for me to do this as I wanted you to be familiar with me, and I wanted to start making an impression on you as to what I was all about .

Hopefully it was not an Evil one at that  🙂

But I digress.

My point here is that each of us gets only one chance to make a first impression to those around us.

Ironically, the same can  be said about a Squeeze page or Optin form with your online business.

It will be one of the first interactions you will have with your List.

So you better make it good and poignant and memorable.!

And above all , you need to make it very convincing and straight to  the point.

So how do you make your Squeeze Page convincing enough for  people to want to sign up and join?

Well, you can use very strategical placed words (a.k.a Power Words) within the context of the Squeeze Page, particularly in the Headline.

Effective Words that will describe exactly what you can offer them and exactly what your Free Gift can do for them

So without further ado here are 50 Key Power words that You can Copy into your own document and use them at your discretion to increase the effectiveness of your Squeeze Pages.

50 Power Words for your Enjoyment and Profitability
Power, Fast, , Ultimate, Blasting, Crazy, Burning, Overdrive, Warp Speed, Profits, Secrets, Closely Guarded, Proven, Free, Discover, Blueprint, Insane, Explosive, Exploit, De-Bunked, Forced, Sky Rocket, Extreme, Jaw Dropping, Mouth Watering, Weird, Boosts, Super, Extra, Jumpstart, Killer, Surprising, Little known, Melting, Blazing, Unleash, Avalanche, Tsunami, Hot, Power packed, Spark, Mind blowing, Mesmerizing, Incredible, High powered, Electrifying, Awesome, Blockbuster, Rocket-Launch, Turbo boost, Explode, Ignite

In my  next email, I will give you good examples of actual Headlines with these Power words that you can use and  learn from.

Until next time,
Robert Andrew

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Two Surefire WAYS to Double the Clicks on Your Email Promos !

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Ways to Get Your Email Promos Clicked on

To be honest, right now as I write this I am feeling like crap. Just dizzy and foggy feeling.

Not sure if it is something I ate or what ? But the show must go on , right lol

I’ll make it short but sweet with today’s Course Lesson.

Let me begin by saying  Open Rates on the Emails that you send your List is very important.

If you do not get people to open your emails then
no one will read them and no one will buy stuff from you.

Are we in agreement with that ?

If not well….go sit in the corner now 🙂

Seriously though as much as Open Rates are important, the Click Rates within your emails are that much more important

You can have 50 % Open Rates all freaking day  long, but
if no readers find any value in what you have to offer then you
might as well throw in the towel .

Seriously !

So here are two good techniques to use
so Subscribers will Click on your Money Links in Emails..

1. The Mirror Method-
Okay, this has proven over and over again to be effective in increasing your Click Rates.

It is quite simple.

Have the Link within your email match the subject line of your email. ( The Subject line is the one your Readers first see when they open their inbox)

This has a psychological effect on your Subscribers and subconsciously they will Click on the ‘mirrored’ Link within your email more than a regular link.


2. The Receipt Method –        This is also a very simple technique but quite powerful too. When you have a promotional link within your email to your List, you include the receipt to show your Readers you bought the Product yourself.

This just solidifies the credibility of the Product and lets your readers know it was good enough for you to buy it and you show proof !

These are two powerful techniques that I use. I think you will find then beneficial in the email campaigns you run.

One word of advise though : make sure you do NOT use them all the time. If you do, your Subscribers can get a little annoyed and it can become less effective.

Try using them  once every 5 or 6 emails you send out.  😉

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For List Building, these 10 PROFITABLE Subject Lines Work like Crazy !

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subject lines

Okay folks.

Subject lines in your Emails can either break you or make you.

How I was an idiot when I first started out  in List Building!

Gawd, I remember when I was a young and dumb Internet Marketer years ago.

When I first stated out I thought   I knew it all.

I really did.

In my emails, I figured I had an extensive background in Sales so I was NOT going to listen to anyone about how to write them.

I just knew everything about persuasion and how to sell products

I would just have a Subject Line that went kind of like this:
” Hurry soon and buy this incredible product
at 50% off ..today ONLY ”


Sorry. I was a real piece of work  back then 🙂

Cocky, over confident, and downright obnoxious.

Suffice to say I learned quick that this strategy was only going to make me broke.

(And I plead with you not  to go down that road  😉 )

So it is a fact that Subject lines in your Emails can mean the difference in getting your email open and read or well…..not getting them open and not read .

So here a few really excellent ones that have proven track records and you can utilize yourself.
( Underneath each Subject line, I put a sentence with an example)Enjoy !

1.  A Great _______ Resource I Just Found
“A great income producing resource I just found”

2. Here’s A Shortcut For __________
“Here’s a shortcut for creating a Squeeze Page”

3. The biggest mistake ______________ make
“The biggest mistake Newbies make”

4.The Fastest Way To ____________”
“The fastest way to make $300 online”
( Note: In my Claims I really try to not make crazy assertions.
For instance, I did not say the fastest way to make 5 million dollars.

There are 2 reasons I do  this:

(1) If a person looks at a Subject line and believes they can actually do it, then they will more likely open email

(2) Readers will , in a subconscious way , look at what you say and feel like they can even double that by using your info.

In other words, if you mention the “fastest way to lose 3 pounds” I automatically think, “If he lost 3 I’ll bet I can lose  6 ! “.)

5.Get Your ________ Questions Answered”
Get your Traffic questions answered

6.Something Every _____ Needs To Know
“Something Every new Internet Marketer needs to know”

7..”Why Your ________ Won’t _______”
” Why your list won’t make you cash ”

8. Here Is Your ________ Checklist”
“Here is your email broadcast checklist”

9. “For _______, This Works Like Crazy”
For making a large Income, this works like crazy

10. This Ruins Most ___________
“This ruins most Affiliate Marketers ”

Hope this gives you a few ideas for your next email follow up. Don’t be a knucklehead like me when I first started 🙂  Learn how to write good email Subject Lines Now

The best,
Robert AndrewP.S. FYI, Did you know the Subject line with the single word “Panic” has historically had good open rates ?

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Some Damn Good Email Swipes You can Use as Your Own and Profit from …

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Howdy folks,

So I wanted to reach into my bag of goodies   today ( because that’s the way I roll  ) and give you a couple of excellent email Copy swipes that you can use as your own.

You can put them in your email bodies, or  maybe incorporate them in your Headlines and even Subject lines.

Here is one that I use frequently.
( Note: Facebook Marketing is used in the example here.     But it can be applied to any Niche)

Email Copy Swipes you can use……….

Swipe 1

Headline  What they are NOT telling you about with Facebook Marketing ( hint : Headlines like this in emails make delicious opening Subject Lines  : )  )

” I’m sure you have heard something about Facebook Marketing by now !
It seems like every business and small company is using it to increase their sales and drive up Profitability.

You go  anywhere these days and everyone is constantly talking about  how Facebook marketing is the next best thing since sliced bread when it comes to making big profits.

You know why they say that ?? Well,  because Facebook marketing  actually works !!

Its as simple as that. It really does !

But here is what they DO NOT tell you.
1. They do not tell you HOW to maximize your exposure with each ad you place on Facebook

2. They do not tell you HOW you can get  and pay for  Clicks as low as .01 to .05 cents

3. They do not tell you HOW to start off with a budget as low as $5 a day and triple and even quadruple your profits within 2 weeks.

But I will tell you that and much, much more………………….
(Call to action : Your link to a free report, blog post, affiliate link etc….)

End of Swipe.

Okay just a quick review of this swipe above.
In the Headline, I am putting a ‘fear of loss’ as a motivating factor to keep the Subscriber wanting to read more

Then I continue talking and identifying the FACT of how HUGE and potentially profitable Facebook Marketing is.

My claim :  “Facebook Marketing actually works”

Then I list 3 things that the Reader NEEDS to know about
FB marketing and really pique his curiosity by detailing those exact things that other people will NOT tell him.

Emotional Peak : I play the HERO here and come to the Reader’s rescue telling him that I will show him how to do these 3 important things unlike the others.

Then I present the Call of Action that the reader can take to learn HOW to do these things that are so  crucial in having success in FB Marketing.

 Swipe 2
This is a good one to use in the body of your email in particularly when you are summoning a Call to Action for your Subscriber to Click on a Link.

Okay first off all I refer to these words as ‘Resistance’ words.
1. Pay
2. Price

You should really try to avoid them as much as possible in any of your Email Copy..

To get the point I want to make here, I will be simple with a good example.

Here is what NOT to say :
1.”You only need to PAY  $997 for this Product and it is yours by Gawd.”

2. The PRICE of this incredible Product is only $997 and you will be able to pick up girls as hot as Kate Upton and Whoopi Goldberg.

3. Your COST for this amazing Product is only $997 and your hair will not just grow back on your head but on your back and gluteus maximus as well.

Okay, now This is what you need to Say..
“Your investment in this  Product is only a mere $997 which is just a spit in the bucket compared to all the incredible benefits you will receive.

Does this make sense ?

Like I said stay away from the ‘Resistance’ words I mentioned.

Time and time again these words have proven only
to be detrimental in any marketing campaign.

That’s about it for now. I hope that gives you a little
insight in making your Emails better.

Next Email I am going to give you 10 really
good Subject Lines that you can use as your own to engage your Readers and bring those Open Rates on your emails higher.

Peace ,

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How Many Times a Week to Email Your List ? You Might be Surprised…….

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Don’t be an Idiot,  send out that Email every 6 hrs

Okay this is a HUGE question that I get asked a whole lot about in List  Building………………( j/k about that silly headline) You want to know how often should you  email your List ???

Well, okay I have mixed feelings about this.   And there is actually more than one answer

But first let me ask you this. Do you want to be the guy (or gal) who makes the most money and laugh all  the way to the bank using your email strategy ?

Or do you want to go by old school standards  and be a nurturer of your List and ‘tiptoe’ around them so as to not upset them ??

To you they are your precious little babies lol

Well, if you choose the latter I suggest you email your List once a week and leave it at that.

And then you can give me a call and complain why you are having to  live off  peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all the time  🙂

And I am going to say you poor, poor child. ( as I proceed to take my boot and stick it in your behind :>)  )

Seriously, when we are talking about the IM and MMO online niche ( selling products like facebook marketing, PPC, SEO services, flipping websites etc.. ) you need to send emails everyday if you want to maximize your profits.

Now does this mean you still cannot build a solid business by sending emails twice a week to your List.

No, of course not !

You can still be highly profitable but  not as much as if you were emailing everyday.

Ive talked to numerous multimillionaire. List Builders in the IM Niche and all of them rted making the most money when they were emailing everyday.

You say “but Rob what about people Unsubscribing  to my List because they are tired of my constant emails” ?

You know what I say ?

If you work hard enough and smart enough and provide excellent material in your emails, then you will NOT get people Unsubscribing.

That is a fact.

What about sending Emails in Non- IM Niches ?

Okay, I am in two other Non- IM Niches. One is Fitness and the other is a Mobility Products .

And they are totally different animals  than the IM niche.

For instance,  in the Fitness Niche I would never send emails every day.

I could.

But these Niches are NOT very accommodating to receiving emails everyday.
They are just not.

I know many of you are in these Non- IM Niches, and I would say to gauge it.

Start out emailing 3 days a week.

If you get low Unsubscribes maybe take it up to 4 times.

And then track it from there.

Here is the bottom line : If you are not emailing on a certain day you are NOT making money that particular day.

Whether it be IM or not.

And yes, you can email everyday and have perfectly satisfied Subscribers.

You just need to use your Brain and have wonderful Content in those emails!

Anyway, I hope this gives you something to think about as you go on your merry way today   :>)

Best Regards,

Robert Andrew


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Many List Builders Screw this Up..So Listen Closely !

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When Building a List You Need to NOT overlook this,it’s very IMPORTANT

When I first started in IM, one thing that really stuck in my head  was that this whole business is based on percentages and conversions.

It really is !!

And today I want you to start really visualizing the possibilities with this business based on this notion of Conversions and Percentages.

Look at yourself 3 years down the road. And start doing the numbers in your head when you have built up a List of 25,000 Subscribers.

Are you smiling ?  🙂  🙂   🙂  🙂

Well, let me tell you folks you should as hell be
smiling 🙂

The sky is the limit !!!

For instance, here are some Conversion percentages
you should think about (and you should shoot for)  as an Online Marketer…………..

1. Squeeze Page – Have at least a 30% Optin Rate
2. Sales Page – If you are an Affiliate look for Products that have a Conversion Rate of 3% to 6%
3. Email Open Rate- At least 10% of the people on your List who get your email, should open it.

These are a few of the important ones to really focus on.

In my younger years, I also caught on to the fact that I needed one thing to really get my Business off to immediate profitability.

Many Marketers do not do this. Some just do not know about it while others think it will in some way bother some of their new subscribers.

But the fact of the matter…… it is crucial to have it.

What is it ??

It is called a OTO ( One Time Offer).

Or more descriptively it can be referred to as selling a low ticket item on your Thank You page

Of course, the Thank you Page is the site your subscriber is sent to right after he signs up on your Squeeze page for the free offer.

Guys, don’t screw this up.


Two reasons why you want to have a low ticket OTO on your Thank you page.

1. Offer something of great value at a low cost that will benefit your new subscriber and earn you more credibility.
2. This is important : You want to start making money as soon as possible so as to defray any costs or expenses up to this point.

For instance, if you buy traffic. Say you pay $40 for 100 people sent to your Squeeze page through solo ads.

Well, you have spent an initial $40 and say you sell 5 units of  product A as an OTO.

Well, guess what ?

You have already broke even and
you are now building your List for FREE.

This last part is huge.

If you are building your List for FREE then the sky is the limit. ( Yes, I Just Love that phrase lol)

Because these  same people who bought your OTO will be more likely to buy more product from you in your follow up emails.

This will start putting you in major profit as time goes by.

Seriously !

So get that first product and promote it on your Thank you page.

And start making money right off the bat.

To the top we go,
Rob the Email Marketing Nerd

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3 Different types of very Profitable Emails You can Send to Your List

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Email Marketing – 3 Different Types of Profitable Emails to Send out

Well good day. ( or maybe good night or good morning to many out there  🙂  )

As I have said earlier , one of my Mentors who has made a killing in Email Marketing and has had a huge impact on my career is Matt Bacek.

Hell, I wish I could brag on myself and tell You that all my experience and Success was something in the last 8 years I did on my own  ( through trial and error )

I am not going to BS you because it wasn’t !

(Note : I strongly encourage you to find quality Mentors who you can model yourself after in this Biz)

Matt taught me early on that there were 3 different
type of email techniques you could adopt and they
would be highly profitable.He has used them to pocket tens of millions of
dollars since 1999

So listen up. This is important.

I will List them right below.

3 Profitable Types of Emails You can Send to Your List

1. The Ferrari Method of Emailing – I call this fast and furious emailing. Guys,  I personally do not use this technique for emailing to my List. But let me tell you Matt and some other big time players I know ,do. They make millions from it. You are not building rapport really with your List using this method. They do not worry about making friends and they do NOT care about how many people Unsubscribe. They bombard their Lists with Offers and rake money in. I would only suggest this if you are adding over 50 new Leads everyday to your List because of the high Unsubscribe Rate.

2.The Hummer Method – This a a slower Method of List Building but still very powerful !. You focus on delivering really good content and building a rapport with your List. As well as presenting offers that could be of great benefit to them. And you of course make money off that. But you do it in a more subtle manner than the Ferrari method. The frequency of emails sent would be much less too.

3. The Porsche-Hybrid Method – This is a Combo of the two above. If I was going to put my own style of email marketing in a category I would more than likely call it a Hybrid one. An example would be to email a subscriber in the morning about an informative training video and then email later that night with a promo.

Anyway, I hope this gives you a little insight into what Methods there are in Email Marketing and List Building.

Like I said most Marketers who have a List fit into
one of these 3 categories.

If you were to ask me which one you should model your own
business ?

Well, I really like the Hybrid Method !

It gives the best of both Worlds.

If you do not want to share your experience and expertise with your List by providing good FREE solid  content …..then you should NOT be in this business.

Conversely, if you do not want to present stellar opportunities and offers to your List to make money, then you should not be in this business.

That sums it up pretty well !

The best,
The Nerd


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What the Hell to Write in Your Email Follow Ups to List ?

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Don’t Know what to write in your Emails ??
Hey peeps.
Today,  the Nerd wants to make it clear  that to make a a healthy income in Marketing Online you MUST realize that it is a necessity to build a List of loyal Subscribers and Customers.And you NEED do this each and everyday for years to come.

                I hated some of the people who tried to help me

I am not going to hold back here. Oh,Oh prepared to be shocked :)But I swear there were times like I felt like taking a golf club and swatting some of these so called gurus over the head who tried to help me out years ago..

Yeah nerds can get violent too.  lol
It was just freaking frustrating some of these people would give me advise about List Building and sell me Products, but they would never give me  solid advice of what they actually said in their emails to their List. NEVER !So let me give you my own little original blueprint
that I have developed over time for sending
out very effective emails.

(Just remember there is NO single email template that you can copy and send out and it is going to make you millions.

But I think this will definitely help you in the right direction. )

I am just going to go in order the process I use
to write an email sequence to get the best results in readership and conversions.(Below, this is called a ‘mini-launch’  , and is composed of 4 to 6 emails centered around 1 Product you’re promoting )

Lets use the example of the golf niche. In this mini-launch,  I am focusing on selling one Product that is a video and teaches people how to get 30 more yards in their Driving Distance of a golf ball.

An  Formula for Creating Award Winning Emails just for you

1. Personality email – Introduction. Talk about your own story and maybe how you always have had a problem with getting much distance on your Drives on the golf course. Make yourself  “relatable”.

Towards the end of email (in as P.S. maybe) let your Reader  know that there will be a free gift or report in the next follow up related to getting more distance on  Drives.
And you want to help them with this.

2. Value Email – This can be a PDF, video, audio, article,MP3 etc.. which will give Value to your reader and give him some tips on increasing Driving distance.

3.Soft Sale/Value email – Okay in this email you want to talk more about golf and driving. Maybe come up with another personal story of how you overcame obstacles with driving distance in your golf game.

This should be a Lead-in into the Product you are promoting. Towards the bottom, put your Affiliate Link to the Golf program you are promoting so your subscribers can Click and check it out.

4. Hard Sale – Okay this email is pretty much one big sales pitch, but done very, very tactfully. Stress all the benefits with your golf program and how it can really put more yardage in Subscribers’ drives . They just need to Click on your Affiliate link and they will be on their way to 300 yard drives on the golf course 🙂

5. The Bridge – This is to remind your Readers that your email follow ups are geared to delivering excellent content and NOT just sale pitches. In fact , about 50%  of your emails should just be great free content to build up rapport and Trust with your Audience. And also help them out too 🙂

6. Reminder email – Okay essentially your are done with your ‘Mini-Launch’ . You are on to another topic with new email follow ups.

But for me it is very important to have a reminder note at the top of this new email.

Something like this, ” Before we get started today, I just wanted to give a final shout out for you all  to check out ‘Jeb’s long distance Driving Program’. It will put you right in step with Bubba and the rest of the 300+ yd drivers out there. Just CLICK HERE ”

Something like that.

Anyway, I always like to at least mention my Products 3 times for each mini-launch. This Reminder email allows you to maximize the exposure of this first Product.

Hope this helps you guys,

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Why Many People Hate the Rich Jerk but Why I Love Him !! :)

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When I first started in Internet Marketing 8 years ago, I came upon this video of this condescending semi-buff dark hair guy who hurled insults at people left and right.

Well, it was the Rich Jerk.

For those of you who have been in this game for a number of years , you know this guy.

For those who are relatively new, you may not.

The Rich Jerk was a fictitious character developed by Kelly Felix. Kelly used his creativity and marketing prowess to come up with this idea. ( and was successful to the tune of banking 10K a day for a number of years with his Course and E book)


In a nutshell ,Kelly did ads and videos with an actor who portrayed the Rich Jerk.

A guy people just loved to hate and a figure that you just couldn’t turn your head away when he spoke.

Many people thought it was silly and were turned off by The Rich jerk.

Ahhh, but this was the brilliance with Kelly and his character.

Kelly utilized what many people call Repulsion Marketing. He actually embraced this Love – Hate relationship between the Rich Jerk and the Public.

It engaged others. Whether it was engagement based on love or hate. And that is an  important lesson.

When you engage people, whether it be with Repulsion Marketing or just Conventional Marketing, it establishes the first critical step in the whole Marketing process.


….ATTENTION !! ( and maintaining it long term)


Yes this is a extremely important variable in the whole Marketing Mix !!

Once you  get ATTENTION then you can move forward in the whole Marketing process which includes showcasing your expertise in a particular Niche and then getting people to trust what you say and ultimately getting people to buy the Products that can truly help satisfy a particular problem they are having.

So what did I do 8 years ago when I ran into the infamous Rich Jerk ?

After he got my ATTENTION and had it for more than a second ,I bought his Course of course 😉


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