That’s Bullsh!t .. You can’t get 10,000 subscribers in 1 Simple Step ?

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Or can You ?

Listen I am not going to beat around the bush here.

I have said this in the past and will say it again…the fact of the matter is You can build a List of 10K or more with doing 1 SimpleThing.

There is absolutely NO Catch here. It is done everyday by Marketers.

Now do I expect any of you guys to actually do this ? Probably not many !  (okay this is where the Email Marketing Nerd loses his marbles but only to make a point 😉 )

Honestly, I expect only a very few of You  to do this. The reason ?
Well, not because there is no system to follow step by step as a turnkey blueprint to get there.

But mainly many of You will NOT get to that 10,000 th subscriber because you did NOT do ONE thing.

And ONE huge thing .…………You do NOT stick to it.

That’s it. That is all there is to it. And this is not just mumbo jumbo touch feeling bullsh@t !The fact is there is no Internet Marketing police that forbids you to get that many Subscribers and there is no secret potent you have to take to magically see that 10,000th Subscriber appear in your autoresponder List.

Basically, it is putting your nose to the grindstone and following a proven set of processes that will get you Thousands upon Thousands of subscribers to your List.

I know this sounds cliche guys but with List Building it can truly be your own personal ATM.

I remember years ago when I heard this I rolled my eyes and thought it was baloney. But I can absolutely say it is SPOT on.

Trust me on that and have a great day 🙂

Cheers,Robert Andrew… the Email Marketing nerd

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Another True Story : The Dirtiest Affiliate Marketer I’ve Ever Seen…

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The fact is there are some people who like to take shortcuts in this World to get ahead and to benefit in some way .

I think we all have probably been guilty of this to a degree.

Some more than others.

But I would venture to guess many have not
taken shortcuts to the extent of this fellow.
I have talked about his Story before, but thought it was worth further discussion as it’s so fascinating and teaches us about human depravity and

greed  😉
So who is this Dirty Affiliate Marketer?
Shawn Hogan is the Founder of Digital Point, one of the biggest make money forums in the Universe.Over a period of 5 years or so ,Shawn made $28 million as an Ebay affiliate.Pretty damn impressive, huh ?Here is what is even more interesting…..

Shawn made this tremendous amount  of money by stuffing cookies into every single person who visited any of his websites.

So if you or I went to Shawn’s Site ,unbeknownst to us ,Shawn would automatically assign an Ebay Cookie onto our ID.

So when we left his Site and anytime down the road went and bought something at Ebay……..well Shawn would get an Affiliate commission.

The  implications of this were HUGE.

Shawn would get these astronomical Ebay Commission checks without sending them to Ebay through an Affiliate Link.

We are talking about hundreds and thousands of people going to Ebay , and Shawn got credit for them.

Mr. Hogan even had the gall to post on his blog that Ebay knew of this “covert”  operation and actually encouraged him to keep on sending the Traffic to their website with his method.

Well, the FBI got whiff of this and in conjunction with Ebay set up a Sting and nailed Mr. Hogan and another accomplice.

Hogan did hard time for this and  spent over 5 months in federal Prison.

Yikes 🙁

It goes to show that taking Shortcuts cannot only cost you money., but it can also cost you your freedom.

I have found that as an Internet and Affiliate Marketer myself, that in the long run standing by your Product and your Name is so important.

There is no question there are some “dirty players” out there.

So pick and choose the one’s you want to align yourself with.

The best,
Robert Andrew (a.k.a Email Marketing Nerd)

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Email Marketing Gone HORRIBLY Bad.. Please Don’t Do this !

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               This Could Happen to You

Okay there was this guy, Jim,  who had a tough time making a Living.

He was struggling and had a wife and two kids to support.
The youngest was a newborn

One day his boss came in and told him his services were no longer needed in his Administration job at the Auto dealership he worked at.

It was probably the best news for him.

You see Jim had heard about Internet Marketing from a Cousin of his weeks before.

And it intrigued him very much.

So Jim took some Savings and worked his butt off for 6 months with Affiliate Marketing.

After 7 months, the results of
his hard work began to show..

He went from $100 a month to 3K a month.

And he put everything on Auto-pilot with his Email Marketing.

He drove traffic to his Squeeze Page with paid methods.

Putting less than 10 hours a week, Jim had it made.  Big time

So for 12 months Life was perfect.

He got to stay at home with his wife and two small kids.

And he was getting huge  affiliate checks with a huge responsive List.

He topped out right about 25K in profit per month.
Sweet !

But something happened after 12 months to his
‘auto pilot’ business.

Jim begin to notice his Checks each month were dwindling and dwindling.

After 15 months, his checks were less than 1K a month.

“Oh hell no” ,Jim muttered to himself

He could not figure out what was going on ?

Soon his income fell below $100 per month !

So Jim decided after being so relaxed for over a year to go in and check his Follow ups and Broadcasts.

To his utter dismay, he found that all his Affiliate links were “dead”.

The Products he was selling were discontinued.

All this work down the tube.

For a few weeks, Jim’s World became dark and gloomy.
He couldn’t believe the tens of thousands of dollars he lost because of some silly mistake he made..

However, I can say the good news is Jim did recover.

It took a hell of a lot of work and time to get back to where he once was. But slowly things did improve 🙂

The Moral of the Story.
Do not think that your Email Marketing Business will EVER be on complete Auto – Pilot.

The fact is it will not.

Always be meticulous in what you do. And stay on top of your business.

Make it a habit to check your Links periodically.

Even if it might take some time.

It will be worth it in the End.

And it will save you from  the needless  heartache like my friend Jim experienced.

The very Best,
Robert Andrew


You Need to STEAL to Become Successful in List Building ! ;)

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Before you crucify me as being a Felon who tells his Readers to Steal well…..let me clarify this ! 🙂

The fact is, one of the more tortuous things you can
do to yourself as a Writer ( of email copy) is to think
You HAVE to be Original all the time.

Sure, you can sit on your Notepad for hours on end and come up with really clever and original content in your Emails.

But in the long run, you will find you get relatively
little done with this Method.

Go Ahead and Steal Other People’s Work

Actually it is far better to just STEAL !!

There I said it ! You happy 🙂

And NO I do not mean to infringe on Copyrights or Plagiarize.

I mean to extrapolate or put in your own words on ideas that others have come up with or commented on.

And to be creative about it and use your own take
on a given topic.

The greatest writers of our time have done this
and continue to do it today.

Twain, Shakespeare, Stephen King,Hemingway, Dan Kennedy, Frank Kerns are  just a few who used others’ genius to assist in developing their own !

Personally, I have had a few notable characters who
have had a major impact on me.

And ones I have used some of their ideas
to enhance my own.

It has really helped me take my own business to new heights.

I highly recommend that You do the same.
(Hint: Subscribe to a number highly reputable Marketers and learn about how they Market through their emails)

Matt Bacak is definitely someone that I have emulated in my email marketing. Particularly, my email copy and follow ups

I cannot say enough how Matt has
pointed me in the right direction in producing
profitable emails to my List.

Paul Nicholls is another Marketer who have learned a great deal from. And who I have utilized some of his Principles and expounded on them and have come up with my own unique ideas from. And tested some of the Principles on my own

So do not be hesitate or shy when it comes from learning from others. Go ahead and “steal” but make sure to NEVER copy or plagiarize and in way, shape , or  form.  🙂
it’s all about enhancing your own ideas and experiences  😉

The Best,

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Building a list… But I’m failing Miserably

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Okay, okay.

Nope, I am definitely not failing at building a List  🙂

But the unfortunate Truth is there are some people out there who are.

The Story behind the quote “Building a List.. But I’m Failing Miserably

“Recently, I was part of an Online Discussion group  where this is exactly
what was said by a new online Marketer who was having some trouble getting started.

This Marketer was having real tough times trying to get people to sign up for his newsletter.

He bought Solo Ads. Did Facebook. Forum Marketing. Adwords. Blogging.

But nothing worked at all !!

Just complete and utter failure after failure.

One ad he paid for 100 clicks on a solo ad and got 1% optin rate on his Squeeze Page.

1%  !!

Well, I asked to see his Sq. Page.

And one look, and I saw why he was NOT building a List.

His Squeeze Page told nothing about his free offer.

What could the free offer do for ME ? He mentioned NO benefits.

Only how his e book could make you a Facebook Expert.

I gave him some advice.

To use more descriptive Power Words in his Headline.

And to list the benefits a prospect would gain if he gave up his email to be on the List.

Anyway, of course you never know if people will follow through with what you say.

I hope he did.

A lot of my expertise , I gained through trial and error over the years.

But I have to be honest there were people along the way who helped me.

Without hesitation, I can say Derrick Van Dyke , Matt Bacak,and Paul Nicholls were some people who helped me get on the right track.

Feel free to do a search on these guys. And make it a point to study some of their tactics and strategies.

Remember, you are NEVER good enough to not keep learning and improving.

So pick a Mentor and go with it ! And  keep that thirst for knowledge always in the forefront.

In meantime have a great one,
Robert   🙂

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Get the Hell off My List ! :)

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Just Get Off My List ,or I ‘ll Remove You Manually  lol
testing, testing, 1..2…3..
testing 1..2…3Howdy there  :)Okay so you are probably wondering what in the hell Iam doing or talking about right  now, huh ?Let me say ,NO, the Nerd is not senselessly blabbering with no purpose( like I can be inclined to do  sometimes lol )The thing is I just wanted to talk today about something that happened in the one and only, ever popular Warrior Forum .If you do not know already , the Warrior Forum is a very popular and educational ‘Work from Home’ Forum

In the Email Marketing Forum there, someone posted about  how they tested a Subject line and how their Open rates for that Email went through the roof.

So I wanted to test it myself.

Consequently, that Title is the exact Subject Line I used in this Post today 🙂  ( With the exception of another Word I added for originality ,and  I also felt it  added to the whole ambiance )

Basically,  the person at Warrior Forum who tested this Subject Line posted that he got a complaint from one of his Subscribers that he was sending out too many emails

And so it gave him the idea to write a Broadcast email posting to his whole List showing  the Subscriber’s complaint and then posting his response to this Subscriber ( which he used as the subject line “get the Hell off my List” which was a little overboard and insulting in my mind at first.. yes I know I can be a sensitive delicate little thing lol…but made sense really )

It is intriguing.

And I think it should open  your Mind’s to
what creativity can do sometimes.

The fact is everyone ( yes I have been guilty of this in the past 🙂 ) wants a proven standard blueprint to go by when constructing email copy and subject lines.

And the fact is when you go and think outside the ‘box’ and try new things and test them , then you can really open up new avenues that could lead to that much more success.

Just something to chew on !

By the way, you are totally welcome to use the Subject line I used today in this Post :>)

Send it out. Tie your own message to it and track the Open Rates as well as the Clicks and Conversions.

The Best,
The Nerd

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My Favorite Way to Build a List :)

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Wonderful Way to Build a List
I remember back in 2007 when I was getting started with all this craziness of IM, I joined a ‘work at home’ forum.

It was (and still is) called the Warrior Forum. )

Many of you may have heard of it.

Hell, many of you reading this…. well that is how I first met you lol

So for many years, I went to Warrior Forum to learn, discuss and teach many principles of online success in IM.

I met some terrific folk there.

And have ALWAYS got more out of it than I probably put in.

Which is really not something I should brag about  😉

The Mistake I made as a Member at Warrior Forum

But I will  tell you for the first 5 years being there I made a huge error. Or lack of judgment.

Some may say (rightfully so) exhibiting plain stupidity on my part !

Well,the fact is I was incessant about NOT having a signature in my Posts (with a link).

I erroneously thought that the Warrior Forum was  beneficial and added so much to my business, that I refused to ‘Spam’ people with a Link in my Signature.

Yeah, I know pretty dumb thinking.

I learned over time that there was nothing ‘spamful’ about having a Signature Link

Not by a long shot.

If I provided solid information at Warrior Forum and added to the Community in a positive way then it was totally acceptable to have a Signature Link.

Especially, if it led to a great Product that could help people.

Well, now I can honestly say it is not only acceptable to do but  just plain NOT smart if you do not, business wise !

The fact is you can gain new subscribers and customers
to your online business.

And they are very targeted Subscribers at that.

Bottom line: Forum Marketing and Signature Links  is a wonderful and viable way to build a highly, responsive email List in ALL niches ( IM, weight loss,financials, acne, sports  etc,,!

Robert Andrew

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A Shocker : Your Actually Gullible Enough to Think you Need THIS for List Building?

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You do not need a Blog to be Successful at Email Marketing

Okay, as many of you may know already I really try to just tell it like I see it.

No holes barred  🙂

And yes I can sometimes piss off a lot of people.

But no harm done, right  :>)

Well, here is something that pisses me off.

I hear it all the time.

From the left and from the right….

” Oh you gotta have a blog or website to really have success in building a List ”  yadah yadah yadah

I say bullsh!T ! Sorry


Here is where I disagree with what everybody else says

Contrary to what many online Marketers say or feel, you do NOT necessarily need to have a Website or Blog to be successful at Email Marketing.

You just do not. Do not get me wrong. I think a Blog can be a huge plus if you work at it and remain consistent and
committed to developing it. (I mean you are on mine right now. But I do not have a blog in all my niches)Your main goal should always be to build your Subscriber Base up on your List.

A blog can definitely be effective in doing this.

But because of the unpredictability of Google and other Search Engines it is just not always reliable or even  prudent to build a List just using Organic traffic.

So I would suggest if you want to create a Website or Blog to compliment and support your List Building goals, you should set up a reasonable amount of time to pursue it.

Personally, Posting a new Page everyday is a bit excessive.

But that is just me.

It is entirely up to you..I just wanted
to express a view that you might want to think about !

Best regards,
Robert Andrew

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UBI -What is it and Why it’s Critical in Email Marketing ?

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UBI- Why You Must Have this in Email Marketing
Okay, as you guys might know I take great pride in teaching some of the concepts and methods in List Building I have learned through trial and error
over the years.

For many of you it is just a process to learn this stuff.

We all go through it.

As time passes, and you start really developing and building your List, you will find many of the Concepts you learn will remain true and applicable throughout the rest of your Online career

One concept that I really want to address today with you is one that I termed myself.

(Yeah, I know I am ALL that 🙂  )

What the Hell is UBI  Rob ??

It stands for “Useful but Incomplete”   Information.

UBI is a Concept that will in essence be the cornerstone of how you make your money with Email Marketing and List Building.

It really will be !!!!

Some Marketers refer to it as “Teaser Copy” within the content of an email.

UBI is the way you want to address each and every subscriber with the email follow ups and broadcasts you send out.

In a nutshell, here is what it means.
(I will go thru this with each letter to illustrate its meaning.)

UUseful. You ALWAYS want to make sure you give your Subscribers very Useful information that they can sink their teeth into.Information that not many others are providing

B- But. 

I- Incomplete. Contrary to the traditional meaning of this word, in this instance it is really positive.

Basically, you are giving your Subscribers really good info. but there is some more that could be disclosed which you do not at this time . You use it as ‘ethical’  leverage to have your Subscribers want more of the information that is not being given…as a result they may click on a link to access more of this info.

This form of Marketing has been used for many decades if not longer


And it is as effective now as it has been 50 years ago !

If you do not utilize UBI then you are selling
yourself short.

Here is an example that I use sometimes….

There is a Product that I promote that is excellent and one that I have utilized myself.

Its called 17 Email Hacks

Now back earlier this year I would take two of those 17 income hacks within the Product and just give it to my Subscribers as a gift in a follow up email.

Then later in the email I would say something like ” if you want more fabulous hacks you can  check  out Matt Bacak’s  17 Email hacks

(Also another example in a non-IM niche like
Weight Loss…. you could give content of 1 day training free and then give a Link to affiliate Product that has all 7 days of training. )

It really is a wonderful way to give something of real value to your Subscribers  while also priming them to want more from the Product you can offer them.

Anyway, try it out. I think it will bring you more Clicks.

And also it will introduce a worthy product to your Reader’s in an effective manner.

Robert Andrew


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