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Been getting back into Solo Ads

Posted by discrat on May 20, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Yeah its been awhile since I was doing Solo Ads to build my email List. But I got with a fellow Warrior and friend Chris Mollo who is an expert at solo ads. This guy has literally built a full time business based on using solo ads for about 90% of his traffic source.


I know he bucks the trend as most IMers say solo ads are just junk traffic  that is composed of people on umpteen lists getting spam over and over in their inbox  🙁


Well, Chris has really helped me, almost like a coach and he has done it for free.


Unbelievable really  🙂


Here are my Results for the first 4 of have run…


1. 04-20-17
100 Clicks- $40
Opitn rate- 52.8%
No. Optins- 57
1 Sale – Lee Murray Down and Dirty LB – $8.67
***.$55 cents per lead


2. 04-24-17  300 Clicks – $100
149 optins 43.3 % optin
1 Sale : Down and Dirty $8.67
*****$.61 per lead



3. 05-0-17 – $100 for 300 clicks
171 Optins 50.3%
1 sale 8 minute – $5.71
***.55  per lead



4. 05-15-17 – $110 for 300 clicks
146 optin 41.5%
1 sale Instafilliate – $47.52
***** $.42per lead





I have to admit Iam very encouraged. I did not break even with the OTO sales but still look at my cost per lead. Pretty nice, huh ??


Here is the things with Solos to be successful:

1.You must have a List of quality Vendors and  you can find on Facebook groups.. Here is the best one because it has Solo Vendors whose Customers had actual Sales.


2. Your  Sq. Page is crucial. You must have 40% optin Rate. No exceptions. Chris helped me out with this tremendously. He was a lifesaver.

3. Find quality OTO affiliate  Offers that you can make money back or even break even with the initial run of the Solo Ad.


4.Set up Follow Up emails that build a rapport with these solo ad optins.It’s tough but somehow you’re going to have to distinguish yourself from all the other Lists they are on. In my first intro. follow up I tell them a little about myself and even put a picture of me in it. Be creative and think of ways you can engage with them. Think outside of the Box !


The potential is definitely there for Solo Ads. But you must seek quality Vendors. Even with the best Vendors you are going to get Leads that are getting hit with many emails from other Lists. That’s just the nature of Solo Ads.


So you must really make yourself stand apart from the other in your Follow Ups and Broadcasts. Be original and unique and personable as well as helpful with excellentcontent


And You need to make sure your Sq. PAge Converts. That’s a must !!


The best thing to do is start out small with 100 clicks and gauge and test and keep the Vendors that produce some sales and higher optin rates.


Is having a Blog Necessary to make $50K+ in Email Marketing

Posted by discrat on May 18, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Hello… hope things are doing good for you this mid May day 🙂 I get asked this question a lot.  I go to the Warriors Forum which is renowned for it’s Online  Marketing discussion and it seems like people are wondering about this and even starting Threads about it all the time. And the thing […]

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Don’t like what I Say ?? Then Get your own F#$@%$#@ Microphone !

Posted by discrat on May 11, 2016 in email marketing, list building |

HA !! Yeah, you have a deranged and warped mind if you think my Subject line contained a  Profanity. That word was “Freaking”  not the other one your dirty Mind was thinking. You need to learn to count the spaces  i.e. F#$@%$#@  🙂 Anyway, just a quick one today and something I want to impress […]

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Want to make $1k to $5k mo? Just be an A-hole ;)

Posted by discrat on May 4, 2016 in email marketing, list building |

Okay. I know I am pushing the boundaries just a wee bit with the Subject Line in my Email and the image.  lol But hey I want to get across this point to you guys. So listen up. I know many of you have Lists, some small some big and some in between. And I […]

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Don’t Wuss out! Just Resend that Email Again to Double your Sales ;)

Posted by discrat on April 27, 2016 in email marketing, list building |

Damn, April has been going by fast. It just feels like just the other day when I was playing a April Fool’s prank at the World Renown Warrior Forum telling people in a Thread   that my Wife and I were  going on a leave of absence to start a legal brothel with my brother and […]

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Shout, Yell, Talk Out Loud to be Successful in Email Marketing ;)

Posted by discrat on April 20, 2016 in email marketing, list building |

Hey folks, I know one of the biggest problems I hear from people is this… …”how do I write profitable , award winning emails”? OR ” I just cannot think of anything to write in my Emails” Well, no need to make it rocket surgery or whatever the hell they call it. LOL Do what […]

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” Man Makes 10K mo. Sending Potatoes” WTF :)

Posted by discrat on April 13, 2016 in email marketing, list building |

Sorry don’t mean this acronym ,WTF,  to infer profanity. I would never stoop to such a low level…not me  lol Actually in The Nerd’s Universe this mean “What the Freak ”  🙂 Yeah, not everyone is like YOU with your F-bomb mentality  😉 Anyway, enough of this silliness !! So you are asking “Who the […]


You’re a Real Idiot if You Don’t Sell in Every Email You Send out !

Posted by discrat on April 4, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Hey, I know people want to stick by that famous mantra…Give, give ,give. Many of you guys are brainwashed by this ideology especially if you go to the Warriors Forum and other Internet Marketing Forums.. Yeah , you know what Iam talking about  *;) winking …not being selfish and being the “good guy” by sending […]


” Why I Unsubscribed to this Nitwit’s List ? ” ;)

Posted by discrat on March 30, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Well, first things first. I am still recovering from about 3 major binges this last week from Easter candy…compliments of my two kids’ Easter Bunny baskets  😉 So here is how it went down. Being the uncontrollable glutton I am , anything they did not want I devoured myself. That included Skittles,Hershey  Mounds, Snickers, and […]

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This is What Can happen if You have a List of 20K :)

Posted by discrat on March 28, 2016 in Uncategorized |

In the past I have made it clear that building a business online with email marketing can be a numbers game when you get down to it. It truly can and you need to ingrain this in that head of yours before we go any further. …..You just need the proper tools and education to […]

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