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rob and girls 2Hello, Welcome. Iam the Email Marketing Nerd (and ‘discrat’  at Warrior Forum), a.k.a . Robert Andrew.  First things first… let’s make it clear I’m a  Nerd but a damn cool one at that. Webster defines Nerd as someone who is highly intelligent about a given Subject but is socially awkward. Well, I’m highly intelligent about Email Marketing and about as smooth as Brad Pitt LOL

Anyway, now that we have got that out of the way here is a little more about  myself and this Site.

I started my very first Site in April 2008. And have been full time in Internet Marketing since 2009.. Also a member at Warrior Internet Marketing Forum since 2008

My specialty and expertise lies in Affiliate and Email Marketing as well as List  Building. And I am in a number of Niches which include Weight Loss and Fitness, Mobility Products, Spanish Language, and Paid Surveys

I have been in the Email Marketing Niche ( which is a Sub group of MMO ) for a couple of years now.

I feel it was time to start a Website and  be able to help more people with my experience and knowledge in this field of Email Marketing.

This Site is for both Newbies and Experienced Internet Marketers who want to build a Profitable List but not sure of quite how to.

So Iam here for you !!

And I look forward to it.  🙂

Robert Andrew


P.S.Btw, I am happily married with two wonderful girls and live where it is hot as hell in San Antonio, TX 😉

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