Those Lunatic Gurus Never Show You How to Write Emails to your List. I WILL !!

If you have not figured out by now building a HUGE List of Subscribers who become loyal Customers is the Best Way
and really Only Way to go if you want to make big money online.

It really is !

                                                                This Really Sucks, Guys
I know when I started to sell product through email marketing years ago , I was kind of stumped that NO so called gurus would actually tell you how to write your emails and what to say in them to get the best results.

So today I wanted to  say “eff ” you Gurus. Unlike some of you, I am going to actually help people to try to improve their chances for  Success in this game ! 😉

So here we go.

                              I want to give you a brief run down on how I write my Emails

(and let you know what has worked best for me.)
I am just going to go in order the process I use to write an email sequence to get the best results in readership and conversions.

(Below, this is called a ‘mini-launch’  , and is composed of 4
to 6 emails centered around 1 Product )

1. Personality email – Introduction. Talk about your own story and maybe how you always have had a problem with getting much distance on your Drives on the golf course. Make yourself  “relatable”. Towards the end of email
(in as P.S. maybe) let your Reader  know that there will be a free gift or report in the next follow up
related to getting more distance on  Drives. And you want to help them with this.

2. Value Email – This can be a PDF, video, audio, article,MP3 etc.. which will give Value to your reader and give him some tips on increasing  Driving distance.

3.Soft Sale/Value email – Okay in this email you want to talk more about golf and driving. Maybe
come up with another personal story of how you overcame obstacles with driving distance in your golf game.This
should be a Lead-in into the Product you are promoting. Towards the bottom, put your Affiliate Link to the Golf
program you are promoting so your subscribers can Click and check it out.

4. Hard Sale – Okay this email is pretty much one big sales pitch, but done very, very tactfully. Stress all the benefits with your golf program and how it can really put more yardage in Subscribers’ drives . They just need to Click on your Affiliate link and they will be on their way to 300 yard drives on the golf course 🙂

5. The Bridge – This is to remind your Readers that your email follow ups are geared to delivering excellent content and NOT just sale pitches. In fact , about 50%  of your emails should just be great free content to build up rapport and Trust with your Audience. And also help them out too 🙂

6. Reminder email – Okay essentially your are done with your ‘Mini-Launch’ . You are on to another topic with new  email follow ups.

 But for me it is very important to have a reminder note at the top of this new email. 
Something like, ” Before we get started today, I just wanted to give a final shout out for you all  to check out ‘Jeb’s long distance Driving Program’. It will put you right in step with Bubba and the rest of the 300+ yd drivers out there.

Something like that.

Anyway, I always like to at least mention my Products 3 times for each mini-launch.
This Reminder email allows you to maximize the exposure of this first Product.
Hope this helps you guys

Robert Andrew


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