Tell Your Freaking Story and I Will Buy from You , Seriously !!

Okay guys, first of all I want to stress that there is no secret to making money with Internet Marketing.
There is no magic bullet or  pill to take that will help  make you rich when trying to earn money online.

I can tell you from my own story since 2007 that it just takes  time, commitment, and work to really see any payoff.

I cannot even began to recount all the hours I spent trying to figure this stuff out and getting frustrated and pissed off.

Sometimes I even had  Melt Downs and  Mishaps

Shoot, I can remember one time  I was working well into the night. I was trying
to figure out how this certain link to a page worked. I tried and tried and tried. But could not get it to work.

After about 2 hours of doing this seemingly simple task without success I threw up my hands and when they came down I accidentally tipped over my water onto my Laptop. And Laptop go short circuited. It was ruined 🙁

Man I was distraught. And ouch that was an expensive momentary loss  of composure. LOL

Luckily, I can laugh at it now  🙂

But folks this really brings me to a very important point I want to stress today.

This one lone thing that you can do WILL take you from a complete broke Newbie to a potential Super Star
Internet Marketer.

Over time it really can ! And here it is …..(drum roll, please)

You need to TELL YOUR STORY.

That’s right. Whether it be on your Blog or in an email newsletter or even in Business Forums, the more you can get down on a personal level with others the more you will be able to engage with them and have them become interested in you.

And eventually this will lead people to relate to you and trust you and ultimately buy product from you.

It is as simple as that !

You say,  ” but  Rob I am a boring person who never has had anything exciting happened in my Life”.

That is BS.
Every human being in this World has a story that can be and needs to be told. And others ,just by human nature, love to listen to others tell their story.

Research shows this to be true over and over again. It is just the way we are wired.
So if you want to take total strangers and turn them into eventual raving customers tell something interesting about you.

Here is a short list of interesting things and ideas to start out with.

1. Describe certain obstacles in your Life that you faced and overcame
in the past (people enjoy hearing this so much).

2. Talk about everyday living. Go thru a ‘day in the Life’ of your own
self. People will then be able to relate to you and eventually Trust you and see you as an Authority

3. Talk about great things that have happened to you and how you got there.

4. Talk about issues that really piss you off or ones that you
have great compassion fort.

5.This is funny but it works. Try to stir up a little controversy every now and then. This
will keep people coming back for more.

So always try to incorporate your own personal lives and views and values in
whatever you are doing in Internet Marketing.

Bottom line it works, and it really enables you to build a stronger
relationship with people and in the end turns them into ongoing customers.

Hope this has helped.

Best regards,
Robert Andrew

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