My wife says Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers are born…I say BS

Hey guys,

My wife and I have had an ongoing discussion over the years about what it  takes to be a successful business owner and entrepreneur.

Personally. I have always had an inclination to own my own business since I was a young boy, and when I started
IM 10 years ago it was something that was natural for me.

My wife thinks that all people  who are successful entrepreneurs have some kind of innate  and natural skills and intelligence to do this stuff and that is why they are successful.

I will tell you from my experience and  from many fellow entrepreneurs this is not always the case. So I always hammer this home to her LOL

The fact is I know of a number of success stories of people with different backgrounds who had no business experience or any skills related to starting a business.

You want to know why they became successful ?

It’s this simple,,,,,,,,They had a desire to better themselves in Life and they developed a clear path Vision of how they were to do this and then folks guess what they did next?

They went to work and never stopped until they found success and reached the goals they set for themselves..

ACTION is a word never to be underestimated.


Of course Action by itself will not bring you success. It really has to be planned and focused Action. But sooner or later you’re going to have to get off that “bench” and get into the game.

There is no way around that !! Period !!!
Robert Andrew

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