The Dirtiest Affiliate Marketer Ever :(

Hey guys,

REALITY : The fact is there are some people who like to take shortcuts in this World to get ahead
and to benefit in some way .

I think we all have probably been guilty of this to a degree.
Some more than others.

But I would venture to guess many have not
taken shortcuts to the extent of this fellow.

So who is this Dirty Affiliate Marketer?
Shawn Hogan is the Founder of Digital  Point, one of the biggest make money forums in the Universe.

Over a period of 5 years or so ,Shawn made $28 million as an Ebay affiliate.

Pretty damn impressive, huh ?

Here is what is even more

Shawn made this tremendous amount  of money by stuffing cookies into every single
person who visited any of his websites.

So if you or I went to Shawn’s Site ,unbeknownst to us ,Shawn
would automatically assign an Ebay Cookie onto our ID.

So when we left his Site and anytime down the
road went and bought something at Ebay……..well Shawn would get an Affiliate commission.

The   implications of this were HUGE.

Shawn would get these astronomical Ebay Commission checks without
sending them to Ebay through an Affiliate Link.

We are talking about hundreds and thousands of people
going to Ebay , and Shawn got credit for them.

Mr. Hogan even had the gall to post on his blog that
Ebay knew of this “covert”  operation and actually encouraged him to keep on sending the Traffic to
their website with his method.

Well, the FBI got whiff of this and in conjunction with Ebay set up a
Sting and nailed Mr. Hogan and another accomplice.

Hogan could spend up to 20 years in federal Prison for this fraud.

It goes to show that taking Shortcuts cannot only cost you money., but it can also cost

you your freedom.

I have found that as an Internet and Affiliate Marketer myself, that in the long run
standing by your Product and your Name is so important.

There is no question there are some “dirty players”
out there.

So pick and choose the one’s you want to align yourself with.


The best,
Robert Andrew

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One thought on “The Dirtiest Affiliate Marketer Ever :(

  1. This is absolutely crazy Robert. We all have made little boo boo’s at times but the really ballsy stuff floors me.

    I was writing an article about picking the right mentor as a newbie and for the heck of it, looked up my “mentor” – term used loosely LOL – who was a flash in the pan type. He disappeared when I signed up and responded to my questions with 1-2 sentence, curt answers.

    Turns out the dude was trying to game Facebook, attempting to access private information on the network. Page 1 for his name; a few articles talking about the lawsuit Facebook is hitting him with, plus his name mentioned in the actual court case. Not good. Now he faces stiff fines or who knows if prison time is in the works.

    Be genuine, be honest and play by the rules. Great reminder here.


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