Email Marketing Gone Horribly Wrong…this Could be You !!

This Could Happen to You

Okay there was this guy, Jim,  who had a tough time making a Living.
He was struggling and had a wife and two kids to support.
The youngest was a newborn

One day his boss came in and told him his services were no longer needed in his Administration job at
the Auto dealership he worked at.

It was probably the best news for him.

You see Jim had heard about Internet Marketing from a Cousin of his weeks before.

And it intrigued him very much.

So Jim took some Savings and worked his butt off for 6
months with Affiliate Marketing.

After 7 months, the results of
his hard work began to show..

He went from $100 a month to 3K a month.

And he put everything on Auto-pilot
with his Email Marketing.

He drove traffic to his Squeeze Page with paid methods.

Putting less than 10 hours a week, Jim had it made.  Big time

So for 12 months Life was perfect.
He got to stay at home with his wife and two small kids.

And he was getting huge  affiliate checks with a huge
responsive List.

He topped out right about 25K in profit per month.
Sweet !
But something happened after 12 months
to his ‘auto pilot’ business.

Jim begin to notice his Checks each month were dwindling and dwindling.

After 15 months, his checks were less than 1K a month.

“Oh hell no” ,Jim muttered to himself

He could not figure out what was going on ?

Soon his income fell below $100 per month !

So Jim decided after being so relaxed for over a year to go in and check his Follow ups and Broadcasts.

To his utter dismay, he found that all his Affiliate links were “dead”.

The Products he was selling were discontinued.

All this work down the tube.

For a few weeks, Jim’s World became dark and gloomy.
He couldn’t believe the tens of thousands of dollars he lost because of some silly mistake he made..

However, I can say the good news is Jim did recover.

It took a hell of a lot of work and time to get back to where he once was. But slowly things did improve 🙂

The Moral of the Story.
Do not think that your Email Marketing Business will EVER be on complete Auto – Pilot.

The fact is it will not.

Always be meticulous in what you do. And stay on top of your business.

Make it a habit to check your Links periodically.

Even if it might take some time.

It will be worth it in the End.

And it will save you from  the needless  heartache like my friend Jim experienced.


The very Best,
Robert Andrew

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