Yeah Im a Rich Jerk…what’s it to you ??

Hey guys,
Just a short and fun little post today.

I thought you might get a little kick out of this video  🙂

A little background on it

‘The Rich Jerk’  Story  made Millions

When I first got into IM back in 2008, there was this certain e-book on the Market called “The Rich Jerk”.

Some of you may have heard of it.

Kelly Felix, the creator of the Rich Jerk , at the time was making $10K a day off his E-book from all the Affiliates who were promoting it.
This lasted a few years for him.

He made  some major cake on it!

He actually  bought a mansion in Bell Aire  as a result !
(btw, I will talk about Kelly later on as he is someone who
I have gotten to know over the years)

“The Rich Jerk ”  E-book was  actually pretty damn good. It taught about excellent forms of traffic
generation to make some good money.Although some of it is outdated today , it was quite relevant back then and a lot of people made a lot of money with the principles discussed in it .

It was $10, and I even purchased  it myself back then.

Anyway, enough of the Story.

Here is one of Kelly’s ground breaking video Ads he paid for ( $150K a pop for each one, he told me).
It is centered around the fictitious character, the Rich Jerk ( a.k.a  RJ )

Now I will tell you it is a little risque and R rated but if you can get over this
and see it is a good example of how some creativeness and ingenuity can create a
Life changing financial windfall to say the least lol

Kelly sure had that!


Robert Andrew

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