Sales Going Strong for My Newest WSO Product

I really cannot complain. Have 40 Sales and we’re just getting into the second week of this Product going Live.

A lot of my Sales are coming from the instant traffic I get from WSO traffic. I know I have been lectured by others that I should have my own Salespage as it is more professional than a WSO salespage. And that I should stay off the WSO platfrom altogether.


Well, I cannot tell you how many people have gone this route of having their own salespage and market their Product off the WSO platform and literally have zero sales to show for it.


The fact is Warrior Forum has the most traffic out of any online marketing forum on the Web.


So I take advantage of it and also the fact I have over 7K Posts and over 5K Thanks goes a long way in credibility and authority 😉


Really it’s not very difficult to stand out with your Product in the WSO section. There is so much hyped up garbage that if you are seriously wanting to deliver Value with a product it’s NOT hard to compete against this garbage !!


Just provide excellent content in your Product. Differentiate yourself with price and quality. It seems like Products that target Newbies can be a winning ingredient when coming up with a WSO.


In my first two WSOs I concentrated on Products that were more for advanced marketers. But this one I decided to go with Newbies, and I’m doing better than the first two WSOs combined 😉


Remember to launch a successful product you must address a prevalent problem. And come up with a viable solution for this problem. It does not have to be groundbreaking or anything in that manner.


You could buy some quality PLR and then edit it and make it your own. There is video PLR and you can paraphrase what the speaker is saying and record your own product. The value end users put on a video course is substantially higher than Products based around a PDF.


Much higher !!


It’s funny how I thought  a few years ago that making my own product seemed like miles away…like there was no way I could do that.

Well, now it is almost second nature to me 🙂 And I find relatively simple and for the mo


With this new product I will strictly be doing promotions centered around it. Towards the beginning of the new year I will begin my next WSO.


It’s easy peasy to do, no doubt. So stay tuned

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