Getting Out of The Summer Doldrums in Internet Marketing

Well can you believe it’s August. And you know what that means …. i.e. Well ,right around the corner kids are going back to school, parents are “renormalizing” their work lives  ( that were interrupted by their kiddos) and also it means for the most part more people are getting back online.


And of course this can be one good thing for me and you :  more money 🙂  So dust off  those laptops, get those thinking caps on, and  log into those blogs and start doing what you love doing.

Personally, I have been on an extended Summer Vacation . I have been doing some emailing to my List and keeping up a little bit at my stomping grounds, the world famous Warrior Forum. It really is nice to have the convenience of working online.

Of course it can be a double edged sword. You don’t have a boss but it you are not a self motivator and if you cannot  get going yourself then you basically starve !! That’s the reality.


Here’s a few tips to get things chugging back in full form in your online business as the Summer ends.

  1. Take it slow. No need to start back posting twice a day with 1,000 word posts. Think smaller with high quality articles.
  2. Get excited. Really truly enthusiastic. Its a great time to be in this business and it will only be getting better  🙂
  3. Reach out to other Marketers and Bloggers in your area of expertise . Do some blog commenting and guest posting that really adds quality and start building some rapport with these like minded Marketers
  4. Rather than concentrate on the revenue you are gaining ( or not gaining) really hone down and concentrate on providing really excellent content. Too many Marketers are just solely focusing on making money. There has to be a paradigm shift in your mind that goes from just making money to helping solve a problem among a mass of people.
  5.  Eventually,  you need  take the relationship of the people/your audience to a higher level. Ways to do this are having a facebook fan page or a subscription based email newsletter or online course. You can do that as easy as  as a simple optin box . I use one in the right corner usually on my blogs. And even have a pop up that they can sign up for a special gift or an online course.

These are just a few ways to get things going with your online business. Of course there are many more but this is a good start.

Remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint. This stuff takes time and commitment. Most people tend to give up because the results are not immediate.


Stay calm, cool and stay in the “race”





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