The Nerd is Heading out Today for 4 week Cross Country Road Trip

Yep. And it’s a much needed break from all this madness 🙂


We will be travelling up along the East Coast and then back down to the beach in South Carolina and finally to visit family in Tennessee and then back to South Texas.


Over  4K miles of driving. Whoopee. And it will be a combo of relaxation and adventure. I will NOT be blogging that much. I think when the kiddos take some naps and have late night bedtime ( and the wife as well lol),  I will find  a way to jot down some of my thoughts and ruminations here on this Site.


But be prepared as it will be less about online business and more about Life. You know ,like how I got my heel bitten by a large South Carolina tortoise baking in the sun right next to my beach chair 😉

Stuff like that.

So you have been forewarned :>)

The fact is this blog is about business but many times business and the act of performing business has much to do about regular Life as  as  anything else.


I mean hell we get into this crazy world of online business so we can have the freedom to enjoy and be active in our  “regular” lives.


Can I hear an Amen ??


Okay I’m off for right. In other wards that is about it from here. Over and out.


Btw, when you read this I will be downing my first Monster drink heading on down Hwy 10 at the beginning of this mega long road trip with images of palm trees and hammocks ( and six flag slushees) dancing in my head, endlessly.


Long live the Nerd 🙂

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