WTF to Write in Your Emails When You Don’t have a Clue ??

WTF as in “what the freak”. Come on guys, I ain’t that crude and vile.

Okay maybe a little bit LOL

Anyway, I know it can be a real pain to try to come up with fodder and material on a daily or even weekly basis for your emails.

A real challenge.

Here is one way I utilize to write my emails

I simply will take advantage of current events and news going on in our society.
For instance, I have written several emails in my other niches, including weight loss, about human interest stories.

One time I wrote about a guy who tried a sugar diet and all he ate was a high sugar, high carb diet.
Well, unfortunately it didn’t help him overcome obesity. Actually…. surprise, surprise, surprise… he ended up gaining weight and also became diabetic in the whole process.

And then at the end of this story in my email,  I advised my readers to take this story as a lesson and told them I had a plan to lose weight the smart way ( not like this sugar diet guy) and then provided an affiliate link to check out this smart way to lose weight. A rrally damn good product that could help them lose weight.

It worked really well. And I have done this with numerous weight loss stories about real people. ( another story I wrote about a “homemade” liposuction surgery. In this case a nurses’ assistant had the keys to her doctors office and in after hours she snuck her friend into  the plastic surgeon’s office for liposuction. She saw the doctor do the procedure so many times she figured she knew how to do it with her friend. You can see where this is going, right ?? Long story short, friend dies on the operating table from complications and
her friend ( the nurses’ assistant) goes to jail for manslaughter. I told my prospects to lose weight the smart way and not like this bozo move by this assistant 😉

The Lesson Here in all this

It’s about  strategically “weaving” a story around a particular product that can truly benefit your prospects and solve their problems and engaging them that way. You build up a crescendo with this Story and top it off with an amazing opportunity to help assist them in their own plight.

Anyway, in my Course 21 Super Cash Email Hacks I go into this in great depth and show you much more extensive ways to write very profitable emails. 21 to be exact 🙂

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