Schools out, Swim Parties, Six Flags, BarBQs, Three Week Vacation, and new WSO is 90% done and coming out in July

Well, June is here. And my girls got out of school today. Yeah I know, pretty late compared to many of the kids out there in the US getting out 2 and 3 weeks ago.


But they are excited and I am excited. I will be taking off for about 3 weeks in mid June and going on our annual cross country  journey. This year we are heading up the east coast. Visit my bro in DC and then go up to New York , New Jersey , and Boston.


And yep of course you guys know  we will be hitting all of the Six Flags along the way ( 4 in total as we have season passes that get us in all of them nationwide with free dinner and lunch 🙂 )


I have just about finished my 3rd WSO Product. And it will truly be the best yet. HINT : I show you a total of 5 simple easy but powerful ways to make relatively quick cash on the internet. Proven, tested, and very  sound ways to make money  🙂


In the middle of all this, I will be attending pool parties and going to Five and Below as well as cooking out a mean rib- eye on the backyard grill.

It just does not get much funner for me than this. I know.. maybe not exciting to some of you out there ,but I would not trade it for the World.


Well, where does this leave the ‘Nerd to continue his brilliance here on my Blog lol  ?? ( I am really a self deprecating little tulip at heart 🙂 )

Don’t fret. I will be adding posts and other goodies periodically between my kids’ naps and bedtime at night.  I will be there, trust me folks !


The fact is ,I love my job and will continue to help as many people I can with my knowledge and expertise as it relates to affiliate and email marketing as well as Product Creation ( which I am really pushing pretty hard now and it’s taking off ).


So here’s to you guys. Let’s make the Summer of 2017 a most memorable one. One where we take it to new heights. Not just business and financial wise but also spiritually and soulfully.


I mean to me at least , the end all be all of doing this stuff we call Internet Marketing is to really have the freedom to do those things that resonant with our soul the deepest. Right ? Can I get an Amen ??


Okay , okay, okay I won’t get too sappy on you (as you motion your hand  thru the  monitor  trying to slap some damn sense into Rob’s mumbo jumbo sentimental face lol) . But you know EXACTLY what I mean and on that note I am outta here folks


Robert Andrew

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