Happy Memorial Day from EmailMarketingNerd.com

Well today is truly a special day. I am not in the Military nor a Veteran. But many family members including my closest brother is… as well as friends and past co workers.

So too all you people I want to send out a very Happy Memorial Day wishes. You are the ones that make it possible for us to have the liberty to walk outside our doors everyday and choose with all the freedom in the World to do what we want.

People fail to realize that if we lived in a place like Saudi Arabia or Iran or Pakistan we could very well be looking over our shoulders everyday wondering and being fearful of what could happen to us if we say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing.

I hope everyone from the US who is reading this really takes a second and lets that notion sink in.

How does al this relate to Internet Marketing and a Online Marketing Blog ?? Well it doesn’t 🙂

But strangely enough I have come across many Veterans who have in fact taking up IM to make extra income in some instances made it a full time gig.

Many in fact are reading this post right now as we speak. So a BIG shout out to you folks 🙂

Over and Out as the Email Marketing Nerd gets ready to go out and get a bite to eat.

Robert Andrew

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