Is having a Blog Necessary to make $50K+ in Email Marketing

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I get asked this question a lot.  I go to the Warriors Forum which is renowned for it’s Online  Marketing discussion and it seems like people are wondering about this and even starting Threads about it all the time.

And the thing is you will get highly reputable Warriors who actually get on the Thread and say it is absolutely necessary to have a blog/ website to be successful in IM.

Well,let me set you straight on this….

It is not necessary to have a Blog to make big bucks in Email marketing.

That is a fact !! There are people like Ben Settle who do not have a blog per say that he concentrates on an ongoing basis with totally new material ( i will get more in depth with this in a second).

However,  it sure does NOT hurt 😉

But if you do NOT have the Time nor Patience to do such …
well here is a technique that I and a number of marketers do.

Simply take all your Follow Ups and Broadcasts you do and put them on a Blog.

Ingenious right !!!!!! 🙂

Well, its not rocket science and really is just common sense.

Syndicating your original, unique, and most awesome content just makes total sense.

So start doing it today, folks.

Buy a Domain and get your Hosting  if you do not have it already (And put an Optin Form for people to sign up to your List. Getting them on your List should be the priority)

Then simply take your best emails that are “blog worthy” and copy and paste on your OWN blog( don’t use free blogs. Own your own site. It’s an Asset)

By doing this you are not only building your Brand but you are extending your reach on the World Wide Web and imo as I said earlier your sole goal in doing this is to have traffic come to your Site, check it out, and then sign up for your Optin Form on the side.

So build that List bigger and bigger and do it with a  Blog 🙂

You’re welcome with this small but important piece of advice and you can thank me later 🙂

Robert Andrew

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