Don’t like what I Say ?? Then Get your own F#$@%$#@ Microphone !

images HA !!
Yeah, you have a deranged and warped mind if you think my Subject line contained a  Profanity.

That word was “Freaking”  not the other one your dirty Mind was thinking. You need to learn to count the spaces  i.e. F#$@%$#@  🙂

Anyway, just a quick one today and something I want to impress upon you guys.

A long time ago another esteemed Marketer shared this gold nugget with me.

It’s very important so listen up :
Your List and your interaction with them via Email should be equated to having your  OWN RADIO SHOW.

It really should be. You are the “owner” and  “deejay” and you determine what gets played on “Air”. And you determine  what is said and what material is gonna be talked about  on Your Radio Show.

Listen guys too many of you out there when building your List worry way tooooo much about what a certain portion  of your List might like or might get pissed off about or God Forbid might Unsubscribe to.

Stop doing this crap Immediately !!

I quit worrying about it a long time ago.

I suggest you do the same.

Seriously !!.

Here is EXACTLY what happens if you do not stop with the  crazy worrying about what your poor little cherished and sensitive Subscribers think……
It will totally and I mean TOTALLY  erode your Overall Creativeness and will severely limit your ability to develop your “Voice”.

The Voice that truly resonates with your own Soul and the Voice which resonates with a certain number of Subscribers on your List.

Notice how I said ” a certain number”

Because I can tell you right now you might as well  just fold up your hand and go home if you are thinking you can connect with everyone on your List.

It aint gonna happen, people.

There will be those who hate you and those who will send you disturbed emails ( every once and awhile lol) and those who  don’t give a rats arse either way.

Move past this and focus on the ones who adore you and hang on to every word you speak 🙂

Believe me they are out there . It just takes time and commitment but they can definitely be found.

Just find yourself first and  learn to effectively develop that Voice of yours that touches people in a most poignant  and awe- inspiring way  🙂

Cheers to all you deejays out there,
Robert  “mic and all” Andrew

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