How to be Full Time in IM ?? Be a jerk and a Loudmouth Obnoxious Know it All ;)


Hey I want to get across this point to you guys.

So listen up.

I know many of you have Lists, some small some big and some in between.

And I want to impress upon you( if I haven’t already) to have Emails that are really Personality Driven.

What do I mean by this?

Well, in essence it’s adopting a persona and a ‘voice’ that fits nicely with who you are and just going with that and portraying that in your emails.

Now listen Iam NOT saying  you need to be someone you are not.

Rather let  your subtle eccentricities ( yes, we all have little personality quirks here and there) come out in your emails to your List to set a desired tone.

….that could be a smart arse ( me a little bit), it could be someone who is a comedian ( me a little also 😉 ) it could also be someone who is a jack of all trades and a know it all ( me as well ,LOL)  etc..etc..

So you get the point.

Treat your email marketing and your List Building as a important  platform to express yourself thru your  Follow Ups and Broadcasts.

Have fun at it and be engaging while also providing tons of value (free and paid) for your Subs

Remember it’s your “radio show” dammit and treat it as such ! You own the “airwaves” so just go for it and  do not let any freaking thing stand in your way  *;) winking

The Email Marketing Nerd, Rob Andrew

P.S. Also, do not be scared to produce your “radio show” everyday or even twice a day or more if you have something really important ( and goofy) to say. You call the shots lol

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