Don’t Wuss out! Just Resend that Email Again to Double your Sales ;)

hot tipDamn, April has been going by fast.

It just feels like just the other day when I was playing a April Fool’s prank at the World Renown Warrior Forum telling people in a Thread   that my Wife and I were  going on a leave of absence to start a legal brothel with my brother and his wife in Nevada.

Ha, that was a trip !! And the Mods didn’t  take too kindly to it as the Post  was deleted in a heart beat LOL

Anyway enough of the silly side of me.

Just want to give you all a Tip today that can really shoot up your Profitability in Email Marketing.
Even double or triple your Overall Sales.

Seriously !!

I have been doing it for awhile and it works.

You send out a Broadcast. And if it is one that had high opened Rates, Click thru Rates, and Sales then in a few days don’t be scared to shoot it out again to those Subscribers who didn’t Open it.

( Yes, Aweber and Get Response have the capability to do this with Segmenting Unopened Emails )

Here are 4 quick Rules to follow when you do this
1)Good to wait on average 3 days to resend 2nd email to unopens.
2) Also tweak Subject Line. Maybe put “Reminder”  or “Last Chance” to make it different than 1st one
3) Send different time of day than first email. Maybe the people who did not open first time it was bad part of day.
4) Only send your most important campaigns. Like I said I think for me the ones that had impressive Open and Click Thru Rates and Sales..

People, bottom line is you  need to do this. You are leaving  considerable money on the table if you don’t !!

And please do not run and be a wuss and become scared because you think your Subscribers might get mad or even (God Forbid) Unsubscribe with too
many Emails  🙁

If you are scared then you have no damn business being in this business.

Comprehende ??

Now go get to work  and Resend some of those Top Emails of Yours !! And let’s here that cash register and the familiar chi-ching noise. That’s beautiful music  to my ears 🙂

Robert “return to sender”  Andrew… a.k.a The Email Marketing nerd



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