Shout, Yell, Talk Out Loud to be Successful in Email Marketing ;)

Hey folks,
I know one of the biggest problems I hear from people is this…
…”how do I write profitable , award winning emails”?


” I just cannot think of anything to write in my Emails”

Well, no need to make it rocket surgery or whatever the hell they call it. LOL

Do what I’m doing RIGHT this second.

Iam sitting here getting ready for Summer and am imagining my best friend is in the room.

Iam talking out loud to him even though he is not here.
And essentially writing what Iam speaking. And describing out loud to him what to do in this dilemma.

What does this do ?? It effectively breaks down your thought  patterns into a simplistic way that will get  you writing in a very fluent and easy flowing manner.

People say “rob I just cannot write ”

I say BS. If you can talk you can write.

This is a simple exercise any of you can do. Speak out aloud and write what you are speaking. Of course have purpose behind what you are saying and be addressing a relative or friend.

The more you do it, the better will become at it.

And the better you become at it, the more effective your emails will get..

And ultimately  the more effective your emails get, the more SALES you will realize  *B-) cool

Nice huh ? 😉

And remember the more you do this the more of a “conversationalist” will become. I have said this before and will say it again being a Conversationalist is a MUST with Email Marketing and Copy.

When you talk in this tone it can really connect to your Readers and engages them. Of course being able to Engage with your Readers is such an important step that will eventually lead to Trust and as I said before more SALES !!

Nice huh ?? ( wait a second didn’t I just day this above  LOL )

Cheers to OUR Success,
The Nerd

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