” Man Makes 10K mo. Sending Potatoes” WTF :)

Sorry don’t mean this acronym ,WTF,  to infer profanity.
I would never stoop to such a low level…not me  lol

Actually in The Nerd’s Universe this mean “What the Freak ”  🙂

Yeah, not everyone is like YOU with your F-bomb mentality  😉

Anyway, enough of this silliness !!

So you are asking “Who the Freak”  is this guy who makes 10K a month selling and mailing regular idaho potatoes that your grandma cooks and eats with short personalized  messages written on it ??

( This was a Thread on the World Famous and sometimes crappy but still relevant  Forum we all know as the Warrior Forum LOL  )

His name is Alex Craig and he is a 24yr.old Texan who came up with the idea at dinner with his girlfriend.
She thought it was the dumbest idea she ever heard.

Well,  little cutesy girlfriend  you can kiss his texan arse as he  seems to be laughing all the way to the bank.  *:) happy

Alex  has sold over 2,000 of these potatoes charging up to $10 a pop to write a 140 character message.

Like happy birthday or congrats on the baby girl etc..etc..

He started in May and he is  clearing 10K a month.

Not too shabby by anyone’s account

And this is an example of what thinking outside the box can do. This kind of thinking happens everyday on the Internet.

In the last 20 years or so ,the medium has enabled people to reach an extraordinary amount of people in a very short time.

So let this be a lesson to you guys who think some ideas are just too damn silly to work. The fact is silly ideas that are creative can work and in  some cases can really strike a tune with the masses !

Case and point  : Potatoes  !!  *;) winking

The best,
Robert “just plain silly”  Andrew

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