You’re a Real Idiot if You Don’t Sell in Every Email You Send out !

Hey, I know people want to stick by that famous mantra…Give, give ,give.

Many of you guys are brainwashed by this ideology especially if you go to the Warriors Forum and other Internet Marketing Forums..

Yeah , you know what Iam talking about  *;) winking

…not being selfish and being the “good guy” by sending out loads and loads of FREE content to your List that really benefits them.

Well, you know what being a really really GOOD GUY means?

I will tell what it means : Offering valuable tools that will truly help your List and tools that actually are so damn good that they do indeed cost money.

So you guys really need to get off your Arses and give your List what they want .

And many times that involves selling them something that they can really use and help them actually solve some problems in their lives.

You can do it in so many ways that are NOT intrusive. One of my favorite ways to do it is provide excellent Content with Value and place a simple P.S. Link at the bottom of your Email leading to a Product that could really help them that much more….and it does Cost!

Also you can  have different Styles of email campaigns in your Follow Ups and Broadcasts.

For instance, you can have ONE day where it is straight content to your List. Mix it up with education and humor. And then maybe the next day you can do some straight selling. But only on a product that is of high quality.

Or do three straight days Content with value and two straight  days of selling, maybe one with “hard” selling.
My point is be creative and try different things.

Sometimes the fact of being “unpredictable” to your List can go a long ways in stimulating curiosity in your List…i.e “what is he going to do or say next” ?.

Which in turn can mean higher Engagement and Open rates with them !!

Bottom Line : Do not be afraid to sell.

Btw, you do not have to listen to those damn “goorooos” who say you have to Give, Give, Give until you are blue in the face.
As I have said  earlier,  I got sucked into this nonsense and mantra that is rehashed over and over again.

I will say this one last thing : most people in Life who Give., Give, Give eventually end up sick in the hosptital or out on the streets without a pot to pee in.

Just sayin.

The Nerd

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