” Why I Unsubscribed to this Nitwit’s List ? ” ;)

Well, first things first.

I am still recovering from about 3 major binges this last week from Easter candy…compliments of my two kids’ Easter Bunny baskets  😉

So here is how it went down. Being the uncontrollable glutton I am , anything they did not want I devoured myself.

That included Skittles,Hershey  Mounds, Snickers, and Butterfingers which were amongst the discarded candy that found my mouth lol

I will be alright here in a little bit, but my stomach is still a little upset.

Enough of that.

Today I will be short. It is important though. So listen up.

A good way to figure out how you want to write  engaging mails to your List and what tone you want to have with them is to look at  the actual  current Lists that you Subscribe to.

I will do this myself. I subscribe to a handful of people. Many others I have Subscribed to I end up Unsubscribing to.

The reason ? Some of the guys that did not make the cut  were just not consistent and believable people.Just to be honest.

Many times they would say one thing in an Email and down the road they would say something that was completely contradictory to what they said earlier.

So guys, ALWAYS be Congruent in what you say. For instance, do not say you just hate SEO in one email then promote a back linking product to build Rankings in another email.

This will NOT fly with your Subscribers.

So be trustworthy !.

Another reason, I Unsubscribed to some people in the past was their lack of Credibility and Professionalism.

I bought a really good Product from a guy last year. After I made this purchase, the numskull sent  me literally ‘5 liner’  emails that told me why I needed to buy his next product.

He offered NO emails that had any substance or content to them. He offered NO valid reasons why I should consider him a credible source. He just wanted to Sell, Sell, Sell, and not Give, Give, Give at all.

So folks be sure to really give Value to your Subscribers in your Emails.

And above everything else just be your true self when engaging with your List. It really is the ONLY way to do it  🙂

The Best,
The Email Marketing Nerd


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