You Need to STEAL to Become Successful in List Building ! ;)

Before you crucify me as being a Felon who tells his Readers to Steal well…..let me clarify this ! 🙂

The fact is, one of the more tortuous things you can
do to yourself as a Writer ( of email copy) is to think
You HAVE to be Original all the time.

Sure, you can sit on your Notepad for hours on end and come up with really clever and original content in your Emails.

But in the long run, you will find you get relatively
little done with this Method.

Go Ahead and Steal Other People’s Work

Actually it is far better to just STEAL !!

There I said it ! You happy 🙂

And NO I do not mean to infringe on Copyrights or Plagiarize.

I mean to extrapolate or put in your own words on ideas that others have come up with or commented on.

And to be creative about it and use your own take
on a given topic.

The greatest writers of our time have done this
and continue to do it today.

Twain, Shakespeare, Stephen King,Hemingway, Dan Kennedy, Frank Kerns are  just a few who used others’ genius to assist in developing their own !

Personally, I have had a few notable characters who
have had a major impact on me.

And ones I have used some of their ideas
to enhance my own.

It has really helped me take my own business to new heights.

I highly recommend that You do the same.
(Hint: Subscribe to a number highly reputable Marketers and learn about how they Market through their emails)

Matt Bacak is definitely someone that I have emulated in my email marketing. Particularly, my email copy and follow ups

I cannot say enough how Matt has
pointed me in the right direction in producing
profitable emails to my List.

Paul Nicholls is another Marketer who have learned a great deal from. And who I have utilized some of his Principles and expounded on them and have come up with my own unique ideas from. And tested some of the Principles on my own

So do not be hesitate or shy when it comes from learning from others. Go ahead and “steal” but make sure to NEVER copy or plagiarize and in way, shape , or  form.  🙂
it’s all about enhancing your own ideas and experiences  😉

The Best,

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