Building a list… But I’m failing Miserably


Okay, okay.

Nope, I am definitely not failing at building a List  🙂

But the unfortunate Truth is there are some people out there who are.

The Story behind the quote “Building a List.. But I’m Failing Miserably

“Recently, I was part of an Online Discussion group  where this is exactly
what was said by a new online Marketer who was having some trouble getting started.

This Marketer was having real tough times trying to get people to sign up for his newsletter.

He bought Solo Ads. Did Facebook. Forum Marketing. Adwords. Blogging.

But nothing worked at all !!

Just complete and utter failure after failure.

One ad he paid for 100 clicks on a solo ad and got 1% optin rate on his Squeeze Page.

1%  !!

Well, I asked to see his Sq. Page.

And one look, and I saw why he was NOT building a List.

His Squeeze Page told nothing about his free offer.

What could the free offer do for ME ? He mentioned NO benefits.

Only how his e book could make you a Facebook Expert.

I gave him some advice.

To use more descriptive Power Words in his Headline.

And to list the benefits a prospect would gain if he gave up his email to be on the List.

Anyway, of course you never know if people will follow through with what you say.

I hope he did.

A lot of my expertise , I gained through trial and error over the years.

But I have to be honest there were people along the way who helped me.

Without hesitation, I can say Derrick Van Dyke , Matt Bacak,and Paul Nicholls were some people who helped me get on the right track.

Feel free to do a search on these guys. And make it a point to study some of their tactics and strategies.

Remember, you are NEVER good enough to not keep learning and improving.

So pick a Mentor and go with it ! And  keep that thirst for knowledge always in the forefront.

In meantime have a great one,
Robert   🙂
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