Get the Hell off My List ! :)

Just Get Off My List ,or I ‘ll Remove You Manually  lol
testing, testing, 1..2…3..
testing 1..2…3Howdy there  :)Okay so you are probably wondering what in the hell Iam doing or talking about right  now, huh ?Let me say ,NO, the Nerd is not senselessly blabbering with no purpose( like I can be inclined to do  sometimes lol )The thing is I just wanted to talk today about something that happened in the one and only, ever popular Warrior Forum .If you do not know already , the Warrior Forum is a very popular and educational ‘Work from Home’ Forum

In the Email Marketing Forum there, someone posted about  how they tested a Subject line and how their Open rates for that Email went through the roof.

So I wanted to test it myself.

Consequently, that Title is the exact Subject Line I used in this Post today 🙂  ( With the exception of another Word I added for originality ,and  I also felt it  added to the whole ambiance )

Basically,  the person at Warrior Forum who tested this Subject Line posted that he got a complaint from one of his Subscribers that he was sending out too many emails

And so it gave him the idea to write a Broadcast email posting to his whole List showing  the Subscriber’s complaint and then posting his response to this Subscriber ( which he used as the subject line “get the Hell off my List” which was a little overboard and insulting in my mind at first.. yes I know I can be a sensitive delicate little thing lol…but made sense really )

It is intriguing.

And I think it should open  your Mind’s to
what creativity can do sometimes.

The fact is everyone ( yes I have been guilty of this in the past 🙂 ) wants a proven standard blueprint to go by when constructing email copy and subject lines.

And the fact is when you go and think outside the ‘box’ and try new things and test them , then you can really open up new avenues that could lead to that much more success.

Just something to chew on !

By the way, you are totally welcome to use the Subject line I used today in this Post :>)

Send it out. Tie your own message to it and track the Open Rates as well as the Clicks and Conversions.

The Best,
The Nerd

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