My Favorite Way to Build a List :)

Wonderful Way to Build a List
I remember back in 2007 when I was getting started with all this craziness of IM, I joined a ‘work at home’ forum.

It was (and still is) called the Warrior Forum. )

Many of you may have heard of it.

Hell, many of you reading this…. well that is how I first met you lol

So for many years, I went to Warrior Forum to learn, discuss and teach many principles of online success in IM.

I met some terrific folk there.

And have ALWAYS got more out of it than I probably put in.

Which is really not something I should brag about  😉

The Mistake I made as a Member at Warrior Forum

But I will  tell you for the first 5 years being there I made a huge error. Or lack of judgment.

Some may say (rightfully so) exhibiting plain stupidity on my part !

Well,the fact is I was incessant about NOT having a signature in my Posts (with a link).

I erroneously thought that the Warrior Forum was  beneficial and added so much to my business, that I refused to ‘Spam’ people with a Link in my Signature.

Yeah, I know pretty dumb thinking.

I learned over time that there was nothing ‘spamful’ about having a Signature Link

Not by a long shot.

If I provided solid information at Warrior Forum and added to the Community in a positive way then it was totally acceptable to have a Signature Link.

Especially, if it led to a great Product that could help people.

Well, now I can honestly say it is not only acceptable to do but  just plain NOT smart if you do not, business wise !

The fact is you can gain new subscribers and customers
to your online business.

And they are very targeted Subscribers at that.

Bottom line: Forum Marketing and Signature Links  is a wonderful and viable way to build a highly, responsive email List in ALL niches ( IM, weight loss,financials, acne, sports  etc,,!

Robert Andrew

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