A Shocker : Your Actually Gullible Enough to Think you Need THIS for List Building?

You do not need a Blog to be Successful at Email Marketing

Okay, as many of you may know already I really try to just tell it like I see it.

No holes barred  🙂

And yes I can sometimes piss off a lot of people.

But no harm done, right  :>)

Well, here is something that pisses me off.

I hear it all the time.

From the left and from the right….

” Oh you gotta have a blog or website to really have success in building a List ”  yadah yadah yadah

I say bullsh!T ! Sorry


Here is where I disagree with what everybody else says

Contrary to what many online Marketers say or feel, you do NOT necessarily need to have a Website or Blog to be successful at Email Marketing.

You just do not. Do not get me wrong. I think a Blog can be a huge plus if you work at it and remain consistent and
committed to developing it. (I mean you are on mine right now. But I do not have a blog in all my niches)Your main goal should always be to build your Subscriber Base up on your List.

A blog can definitely be effective in doing this.

But because of the unpredictability of Google and other Search Engines it is just not always reliable or even  prudent to build a List just using Organic traffic.

So I would suggest if you want to create a Website or Blog to compliment and support your List Building goals, you should set up a reasonable amount of time to pursue it.

Personally, Posting a new Page everyday is a bit excessive.

But that is just me.

It is entirely up to you..I just wanted
to express a view that you might want to think about !

Best regards,
Robert Andrew

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