UBI -What is it and Why it’s Critical in Email Marketing ?

UBI- Why You Must Have this in Email Marketing
Okay, as you guys might know I take great pride in teaching some of the concepts and methods in List Building I have learned through trial and error
over the years.

For many of you it is just a process to learn this stuff.

We all go through it.

As time passes, and you start really developing and building your List, you will find many of the Concepts you learn will remain true and applicable throughout the rest of your Online career

One concept that I really want to address today with you is one that I termed myself.

(Yeah, I know I am ALL that šŸ™‚Ā  )

What the Hell is UBIĀ  Rob ??

It stands for “Useful but Incomplete” Ā  Information.

UBI is a Concept that will in essence be the cornerstone of how you make your money with Email Marketing and List Building.

It really will be !!!!

Some Marketers refer to it as “Teaser Copy” within the content of an email.

UBI is the way you want to address each and every subscriber with the email follow ups and broadcasts you send out.

In a nutshell, here is what it means.
(I will go thru this with each letter to illustrate its meaning.)

UUseful. You ALWAYS want to make sure you give your Subscribers very Useful information that they can sink their teeth into.Information that not many others are providing

B- But.Ā 

I- Incomplete. Contrary to the traditional meaning of this word, in this instance it is really positive.

Basically, you are giving your Subscribers really good info. but there is some more that could be disclosed which you do not at this time . You use it as ‘ethical’Ā  leverage to have your Subscribers want more of the information that is not being given…as a result they may click on a link to access more of this info.

This form of Marketing has been used for many decades if not longer


And it is as effective now as it has been 50 years ago !

If you do not utilize UBI then you are selling
yourself short.

Here is an example that I use sometimes….

There is a Product that I promote that is excellent and one that I have utilized myself.

Its called 17 Email Hacks

Now back earlier this year I would take two of those 17 income hacks within the Product and just give it to my Subscribers as a gift in a follow up email.

Then later in the email I would say something like ” if you want more fabulous hacks you canĀ  checkĀ  out Matt Bacak’sĀ  17 Email hacks

(Also another example in a non-IM niche like
Weight Loss…. you could give content of 1 day training free and then give a Link to affiliate Product that has all 7 days of training. )

It really is a wonderful way to give something of real value to your SubscribersĀ  while also priming them to want more from the Product you can offer them.

Anyway, try it out. I think it will bring you more Clicks.

And also it will introduce a worthy product to your Reader’s in an effective manner.

Robert Andrew


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