23 Magnetic Headlines for You to Use and Profit from in List Building!

Magnetic Head Lines that you can use to Profit in List Building with

Okay…..so in my Last email, I went over some Power Words you can use in your Squeeze Pages and Optin Forms to produce higher Optin Rates.

I talked about how a first impression using your Squeeze Page really sets the tone and expectations in the relationship with your List.

So Please guys DO NOT screw this up .

If you get lazy and careless and start messing up  this first interaction with your List well….. Just DON’T.

Like my Dad always said to me..”Rob, be prepared to get that boot in the backside when you do silly ,nonsensical
things 🙂

So restrain yourself, folks lol

Anyway,  today I wanted to give you some specific
Headline examples with  those Power Words and have proven to be winners (and some other ones I give that are just great Headlines ! )

You can use these exactly as they are or better yet use them as a template and interchange different wording in your Squeeze Pages and Emails Headlines.

Enjoy !

23 Magnetic Headlines You Won’t be Sorry for Using

1. DISCOVER How You can turn 40% of your Traffic into New Email Subscribers.

2. Little Known Trick EXPOSES How Individuals are Losing up to 11 Pounds in less than 2 Weeks

3. Free Videos REVEALS 6 Shortcuts in building a Company Website in less than an hour !

4. AMAZING Stock Picking Software will give You a 25% Annual Rate of Return !

5. How to make $15 in 15 Minutes !

6. The SECRET in producing highly profitable Adsense Sites

7. 7 Email Mistakes that make You Look like an Idiot !

8. WARNING :This Information will Put You in Danger of getting truck loads of Subscribers  🙂

9. Don’t do these 10 things when trying to write Headlines

10. How to Increase your Subscription Rate by 35%

11. TURBO BOOST Your Article Marketing with this little known technique.

12. How to make money in List building even if you have NO product.

13. JAW DROPPING Profits can be yours with creating easy to make Amazon affiliate Sites.

14.The Top 10 Ways to make a full time Income from Home

15. 5 Steps to Learning Easy Spanish in 1 month !

16. My CLOSELY GUARDED SECRETS are revealed in this E-book on how to break $100 a Day in less than one hour work.

17. The Shocking truth about making a Living with List Building

18. How Safe is your Online business from getting hacked ?

19. Can we really trust the President of the United States and what he has done to small businesses ?

20. How to create an INSANE Squeeze Page that Converts at 45%

21. The Great List Building Hoax

22. How the Gurus try to steal your Money : 3 Ways to protect yourself.

23.  4 Little known facts that could affect your Squeeze Page Optin Rates

These Headlines and the basic templates of each one  have been proven to work time and time again in the past !

You are welcome to use all these. Like I said, you can take the basic structure of each one and apply to whatever scenario you are addressing.

For instance, in no.12 you could rewrite it as ” E Course REVEALS how to make Money in Internet Marketing even if you have NO Product”

Or another example would be for no. 21 you could say ” Free Report EXPOSES The Great  Facebook Hoax”
( Note : People just love reading about conspiracy theories. Just look at National Enquirer as it was built on this principle 🙂 )

So be creative with it and again as I always say , ‘ have fun’ !

Robert Andrew

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