50 Power Words to get Your Squeeze Page to Convert over 50%


 50 Power Words You can Use to Profit From on Squeeze Page

Okay, when you first met me and came into contact with me, one of the first things I did was introduce myself and tell you a little about me.

(You know,  how  I am a pretty good piece of work and can even be a little bit on the looney side when I am off my medication lol )

It was important for me to do this as I wanted you to be familiar with me, and I wanted to start making an impression on you as to what I was all about .

Hopefully it was not an Evil one at that  🙂

But I digress.

My point here is that each of us gets only one chance to make a first impression to those around us.

Ironically, the same can  be said about a Squeeze page or Optin form with your online business.

It will be one of the first interactions you will have with your List.

So you better make it good and poignant and memorable.!

And above all , you need to make it very convincing and straight to  the point.

So how do you make your Squeeze Page convincing enough for  people to want to sign up and join?

Well, you can use very strategical placed words (a.k.a Power Words) within the context of the Squeeze Page, particularly in the Headline.

Effective Words that will describe exactly what you can offer them and exactly what your Free Gift can do for them

So without further ado here are 50 Key Power words that You can Copy into your own document and use them at your discretion to increase the effectiveness of your Squeeze Pages.

50 Power Words for your Enjoyment and Profitability
Power, Fast, , Ultimate, Blasting, Crazy, Burning, Overdrive, Warp Speed, Profits, Secrets, Closely Guarded, Proven, Free, Discover, Blueprint, Insane, Explosive, Exploit, De-Bunked, Forced, Sky Rocket, Extreme, Jaw Dropping, Mouth Watering, Weird, Boosts, Super, Extra, Jumpstart, Killer, Surprising, Little known, Melting, Blazing, Unleash, Avalanche, Tsunami, Hot, Power packed, Spark, Mind blowing, Mesmerizing, Incredible, High powered, Electrifying, Awesome, Blockbuster, Rocket-Launch, Turbo boost, Explode, Ignite

In my  next email, I will give you good examples of actual Headlines with these Power words that you can use and  learn from.

Until next time,
Robert Andrew

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