Two Surefire WAYS to Double the Clicks on Your Email Promos !


Ways to Get Your Email Promos Clicked on

To be honest, right now as I write this I am feeling like crap. Just dizzy and foggy feeling.

Not sure if it is something I ate or what ? But the show must go on , right lol

I’ll make it short but sweet with today’s Course Lesson.

Let me begin by saying  Open Rates on the Emails that you send your List is very important.

If you do not get people to open your emails then
no one will read them and no one will buy stuff from you.

Are we in agreement with that ?

If not well….go sit in the corner now 🙂

Seriously though as much as Open Rates are important, the Click Rates within your emails are that much more important

You can have 50 % Open Rates all freaking day  long, but
if no readers find any value in what you have to offer then you
might as well throw in the towel .

Seriously !

So here are two good techniques to use
so Subscribers will Click on your Money Links in Emails..

1. The Mirror Method-
Okay, this has proven over and over again to be effective in increasing your Click Rates.

It is quite simple.

Have the Link within your email match the subject line of your email. ( The Subject line is the one your Readers first see when they open their inbox)

This has a psychological effect on your Subscribers and subconsciously they will Click on the ‘mirrored’ Link within your email more than a regular link.


2. The Receipt Method –        This is also a very simple technique but quite powerful too. When you have a promotional link within your email to your List, you include the receipt to show your Readers you bought the Product yourself.

This just solidifies the credibility of the Product and lets your readers know it was good enough for you to buy it and you show proof !

These are two powerful techniques that I use. I think you will find then beneficial in the email campaigns you run.

One word of advise though : make sure you do NOT use them all the time. If you do, your Subscribers can get a little annoyed and it can become less effective.

Try using them  once every 5 or 6 emails you send out.  😉

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