For List Building, these 10 PROFITABLE Subject Lines Work like Crazy !

subject lines

Okay folks.

Subject lines in your Emails can either break you or make you.

How I was an idiot when I first started out  in List Building!

Gawd, I remember when I was a young and dumb Internet Marketer years ago.

When I first stated out I thought   I knew it all.

I really did.

In my emails, I figured I had an extensive background in Sales so I was NOT going to listen to anyone about how to write them.

I just knew everything about persuasion and how to sell products

I would just have a Subject Line that went kind of like this:
” Hurry soon and buy this incredible product
at 50% off ONLY ”


Sorry. I was a real piece of work  back then 🙂

Cocky, over confident, and downright obnoxious.

Suffice to say I learned quick that this strategy was only going to make me broke.

(And I plead with you not  to go down that road  😉 )

So it is a fact that Subject lines in your Emails can mean the difference in getting your email open and read or well…..not getting them open and not read .

So here a few really excellent ones that have proven track records and you can utilize yourself.
( Underneath each Subject line, I put a sentence with an example)Enjoy !

1.  A Great _______ Resource I Just Found
“A great income producing resource I just found”

2. Here’s A Shortcut For __________
“Here’s a shortcut for creating a Squeeze Page”

3. The biggest mistake ______________ make
“The biggest mistake Newbies make”

4.The Fastest Way To ____________”
“The fastest way to make $300 online”
( Note: In my Claims I really try to not make crazy assertions.
For instance, I did not say the fastest way to make 5 million dollars.

There are 2 reasons I do  this:

(1) If a person looks at a Subject line and believes they can actually do it, then they will more likely open email

(2) Readers will , in a subconscious way , look at what you say and feel like they can even double that by using your info.

In other words, if you mention the “fastest way to lose 3 pounds” I automatically think, “If he lost 3 I’ll bet I can lose  6 ! “.)

5.Get Your ________ Questions Answered”
Get your Traffic questions answered

6.Something Every _____ Needs To Know
“Something Every new Internet Marketer needs to know”

7..”Why Your ________ Won’t _______”
” Why your list won’t make you cash ”

8. Here Is Your ________ Checklist”
“Here is your email broadcast checklist”

9. “For _______, This Works Like Crazy”
For making a large Income, this works like crazy

10. This Ruins Most ___________
“This ruins most Affiliate Marketers ”

Hope this gives you a few ideas for your next email follow up. Don’t be a knucklehead like me when I first started 🙂  Learn how to write good email Subject Lines Now

The best,
Robert AndrewP.S. FYI, Did you know the Subject line with the single word “Panic” has historically had good open rates ?

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