Some Damn Good Email Swipes You can Use as Your Own and Profit from …

Howdy folks,

So I wanted to reach into my bag of goodies   today ( because that’s the way I roll  ) and give you a couple of excellent email Copy swipes that you can use as your own.

You can put them in your email bodies, or  maybe incorporate them in your Headlines and even Subject lines.

Here is one that I use frequently.
( Note: Facebook Marketing is used in the example here.     But it can be applied to any Niche)

Email Copy Swipes you can use……….

Swipe 1

Headline  What they are NOT telling you about with Facebook Marketing ( hint : Headlines like this in emails make delicious opening Subject Lines  : )  )

” I’m sure you have heard something about Facebook Marketing by now !
It seems like every business and small company is using it to increase their sales and drive up Profitability.

You go  anywhere these days and everyone is constantly talking about  how Facebook marketing is the next best thing since sliced bread when it comes to making big profits.

You know why they say that ?? Well,  because Facebook marketing  actually works !!

Its as simple as that. It really does !

But here is what they DO NOT tell you.
1. They do not tell you HOW to maximize your exposure with each ad you place on Facebook

2. They do not tell you HOW you can get  and pay for  Clicks as low as .01 to .05 cents

3. They do not tell you HOW to start off with a budget as low as $5 a day and triple and even quadruple your profits within 2 weeks.

But I will tell you that and much, much more………………….
(Call to action : Your link to a free report, blog post, affiliate link etc….)

End of Swipe.

Okay just a quick review of this swipe above.
In the Headline, I am putting a ‘fear of loss’ as a motivating factor to keep the Subscriber wanting to read more

Then I continue talking and identifying the FACT of how HUGE and potentially profitable Facebook Marketing is.

My claim :  “Facebook Marketing actually works”

Then I list 3 things that the Reader NEEDS to know about
FB marketing and really pique his curiosity by detailing those exact things that other people will NOT tell him.

Emotional Peak : I play the HERO here and come to the Reader’s rescue telling him that I will show him how to do these 3 important things unlike the others.

Then I present the Call of Action that the reader can take to learn HOW to do these things that are so  crucial in having success in FB Marketing.

 Swipe 2
This is a good one to use in the body of your email in particularly when you are summoning a Call to Action for your Subscriber to Click on a Link.

Okay first off all I refer to these words as ‘Resistance’ words.
1. Pay
2. Price

You should really try to avoid them as much as possible in any of your Email Copy..

To get the point I want to make here, I will be simple with a good example.

Here is what NOT to say :
1.”You only need to PAY  $997 for this Product and it is yours by Gawd.”

2. The PRICE of this incredible Product is only $997 and you will be able to pick up girls as hot as Kate Upton and Whoopi Goldberg.

3. Your COST for this amazing Product is only $997 and your hair will not just grow back on your head but on your back and gluteus maximus as well.

Okay, now This is what you need to Say..
“Your investment in this  Product is only a mere $997 which is just a spit in the bucket compared to all the incredible benefits you will receive.

Does this make sense ?

Like I said stay away from the ‘Resistance’ words I mentioned.

Time and time again these words have proven only
to be detrimental in any marketing campaign.

That’s about it for now. I hope that gives you a little
insight in making your Emails better.

Next Email I am going to give you 10 really
good Subject Lines that you can use as your own to engage your Readers and bring those Open Rates on your emails higher.

Peace ,

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