How Many Times a Week to Email Your List ? You Might be Surprised…….

Don’t be an Idiot,  send out that Email every 6 hrs

Okay this is a HUGE question that I get asked a whole lot about in List  Building………………( j/k about that silly headline) You want to know how often should you  email your List ???

Well, okay I have mixed feelings about this.   And there is actually more than one answer

But first let me ask you this. Do you want to be the guy (or gal) who makes the most money and laugh all  the way to the bank using your email strategy ?

Or do you want to go by old school standards  and be a nurturer of your List and ‘tiptoe’ around them so as to not upset them ??

To you they are your precious little babies lol

Well, if you choose the latter I suggest you email your List once a week and leave it at that.

And then you can give me a call and complain why you are having to  live off  peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all the time  🙂

And I am going to say you poor, poor child. ( as I proceed to take my boot and stick it in your behind :>)  )

Seriously, when we are talking about the IM and MMO online niche ( selling products like facebook marketing, PPC, SEO services, flipping websites etc.. ) you need to send emails everyday if you want to maximize your profits.

Now does this mean you still cannot build a solid business by sending emails twice a week to your List.

No, of course not !

You can still be highly profitable but  not as much as if you were emailing everyday.

Ive talked to numerous multimillionaire. List Builders in the IM Niche and all of them rted making the most money when they were emailing everyday.

You say “but Rob what about people Unsubscribing  to my List because they are tired of my constant emails” ?

You know what I say ?

If you work hard enough and smart enough and provide excellent material in your emails, then you will NOT get people Unsubscribing.

That is a fact.

What about sending Emails in Non- IM Niches ?

Okay, I am in two other Non- IM Niches. One is Fitness and the other is a Mobility Products .

And they are totally different animals  than the IM niche.

For instance,  in the Fitness Niche I would never send emails every day.

I could.

But these Niches are NOT very accommodating to receiving emails everyday.
They are just not.

I know many of you are in these Non- IM Niches, and I would say to gauge it.

Start out emailing 3 days a week.

If you get low Unsubscribes maybe take it up to 4 times.

And then track it from there.

Here is the bottom line : If you are not emailing on a certain day you are NOT making money that particular day.

Whether it be IM or not.

And yes, you can email everyday and have perfectly satisfied Subscribers.

You just need to use your Brain and have wonderful Content in those emails!

Anyway, I hope this gives you something to think about as you go on your merry way today   :>)

Best Regards,

Robert Andrew


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