Why Many People Hate the Rich Jerk but Why I Love Him !! :)


When I first started in Internet Marketing 8 years ago, I came upon this video of this condescending semi-buff dark hair guy who hurled insults at people left and right.

Well, it was the Rich Jerk.

For those of you who have been in this game for a number of years , you know this guy.

For those who are relatively new, you may not.

The Rich Jerk was a fictitious character developed by Kelly Felix. Kelly used his creativity and marketing prowess to come up with this idea. ( and was successful to the tune of banking 10K a day for a number of years with his Course and E book)


In a nutshell ,Kelly did ads and videos with an actor who portrayed the Rich Jerk.

A guy people just loved to hate and a figure that you just couldn’t turn your head away when he spoke.

Many people thought it was silly and were turned off by The Rich jerk.

Ahhh, but this was the brilliance with Kelly and his character.

Kelly utilized what many people call Repulsion Marketing. He actually embraced this Love – Hate relationship between the Rich Jerk and the Public.

It engaged others. Whether it was engagement based on love or hate. And that is an  important lesson.

When you engage people, whether it be with Repulsion Marketing or just Conventional Marketing, it establishes the first critical step in the whole Marketing process.


….ATTENTION !! ( and maintaining it long term)


Yes this is a extremely important variable in the whole Marketing Mix !!

Once you  get ATTENTION then you can move forward in the whole Marketing process which includes showcasing your expertise in a particular Niche and then getting people to trust what you say and ultimately getting people to buy the Products that can truly help satisfy a particular problem they are having.

So what did I do 8 years ago when I ran into the infamous Rich Jerk ?

After he got my ATTENTION and had it for more than a second ,I bought his Course of course 😉


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