Affiliate Marketing- Guys, Do NOT make me Slap you Around Silly !!

Affiliate Marketing and Why I might get Violent on you! LOL

Yeah, I intend to rightfully smack a little sense into you


you think there is some magic pill to take that will make you enormous  riches over night with Affiliate Marketing. (Yeah I’m a nerd, but I can be a little brutal every now and then lol)

The fact is it’s just not there !

Sorry to be dramatic in my email headline, but I really wanted to drive this point home to you.

I wanted to help you and give you a quick heads up on what to NOT do or what to NOT follow when it comes to trying to make money online.

How I took the Bait and thought I was going to make easy riches 8 years ago

Yeah, eight years ago when I first started trying to make money on the Internet I was easily enticed by others who would promise hundreds of thousands of dollars within a few weeks with a easy to follow get rich program.

Guess what ?? None of the programs worked for me the way they promised.

Heck, I remember one program I bought and it involved placing ads on Craigslist and earning up to $500 a day within a few weeks of working it( at least that’s what they said).

I was so psyched up when I got the product. And after a few days I did start making $50 a day. But after a week had gone by the powers to be at Craigslist started deleting all of my Ads and would not stop doing this. So my earnings went down to literally zero and stayed there. Oh well, there goes the $500 a day.

So If you run into someone saying that you will make a $1,000 a day everyday starting in a week just turn and walk away.

Its as simple as that.


There is no magic button here. No elixir that is going to cure the ills. None of the crap exist.Only in fairy tales.

Not in the World that you and the Nerd reside in.

Sorry folks. It ain’t gonna happen and the sooner you come to this revelation the better off you will be 🙂


The Nerd

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