Your List Building will Suck Without These 4 Things

In List Building ,You will Fail Miserably Without These  4 Things
Well hello there folks. You know Internet marketing is like any profession in that there are certain Tools of the trade that you must have to taste any kind of success.Without even one of them, you might as well just hang it up right now and just go home.


My Story…..A Car Salesman without a Clue of what I Needed  
I  remember back in 2003, I was working a regular full time Office
job as a quality control agent at Gannett Publishing. I made some pretty good money and saved up a good bit.

A friend of mine told me that wholesaling cars was a good business on the side to get into. So I started going to car auctions open to the Public and did some bidding on different cars that came thru the auction line.

The thing is I had the Money and general business smarts to do this.

But there was ONE crucial thing I left out that I needed to have to be successful at buying and selling cars.

I did not know a damn thing about inspecting car engines and determining whether the cars at Auctions were lemons or not.

Well, hello Rob !  You dumba$$  lol

That is kind of important don’t you think ?

Well, I got in contact with a good mechanic to help me so I could move forward with this business. But it was time wasted for not having this certain “tool”  in place.

So  today I want to talk about 4 things that you MUST have from the git go to get your List Building up and going.

I will be frank with you… you will have to make a little sacrifice and take a little money to spend to acquire these necessities.

But this is an Investment in your Internet Business.Do not look at it as just spending money. Plus, it is NOT a major amount !

So let’s jump right in with the juicy info. I have for you.

It should be obvious , but the first thing you need to have in List Building is software to build that List with. They are called auto-responders.

I strongly advise against going the Free route for Auto-responders.

After all ,you get what you pay for.

So do yourself a favor and  get a good auto-responder service. You need to be serious about this stuff.

I use Aweber and nothing else. I have been for years.

I call it the Rolls Royce of Auto-responders. I’ll leave it at that !
Next, if you do not have it already ( I know some of you do),    you will need hosting services that you can create Sites and Pages for your List Building .

Again, a consensus among most IMers is that Hostgator is the best bang for your buck. Like Aweber, I have been using them for years without ever having one issue ! Not ONE !

At $9.95 for the Baby Croc Plan you can’t beat it !

The 3rd necessity you need for List building is to have  a domain name.

Setting up Squeeze pages and Sites for email marketing (list building)   will require you to have a domain.

I highly recommend Namecheap. They are very reliable and very well priced.

I would stay away from Go Daddy as they are a good Service but have inflated prices that go up every single year for renewals.

I just got freaking sick and tired of their 30% price increases increases when I would renew a Domain  each year  🙁

Okay, so we are getting the ball going. We have the Auto-responder, Hosting, and Domain.

Now just one last but important piece to the puzzle.

The last thing you need is a free gift or Service that you can use as a lead magnet to start building your List with.

Now a little Warning here. A lot of people tend to screw this part up. Probably about  90% to be honest.

So the way this works is that you give away something for free in order for someone to join your List. They sign a form to get your free gift and you in turn get permission to send them cool stuff at their inbox..

So these peeps  opt in to your email list to get your free gift.

Pretty basic  right?

Here is where Marketers f-up. They give away crappy gifts to their List.

It is just garbage content that is not useful to anyone.

Holy crap, this is a  horrible mistake.

You need to make a good first impression and your free gift should be something of good value to your List.

So really sit down and think about what you are good at.

And also which Niche you are in to trying to build a List.

Think of what you can create that will solve a particular problem associated with your Niche.

(IMPORTANT : This Gift does not have to be groundbreaking or even totally Unique. Rather it should be a teaser and something your List truly perceives as adding Quality and Value)

So if you have a little trouble in this area here a few things to get your creative juices a flowing 🙂

1. 5 best exercises for women to lose fat after child birth

2. 8 page free report showing the easiest way on how to toilet train your Toddler.

3. 5 free videos showing how to create profitable adsense Sites and Amazon Niche Sites

4. MP3  showing how newbies can bank $500 a week in IM

5. One Week Training Course on how to Pick Winning Stocks

These are just a few off the top of my head that Marketers have used in the past , and they are good things that you could give away for free.

I am not sure what Niche you are in

But if you are having a tough time of creating a free gift to give away and if you do not have a whole lot of knowledge in a Niche you want to Build a List in,  then here is something you can do.

You can go buy 3 or 4 different PLR E-books/Courses          ( PLR stands for Private Label Rights). Go through them and absorb as much information as you can from them. You can buy them pretty darn cheap! PLR min mart is a good place I go to.

Take a little bit from each one and construct your own free e-book or Course.

It is really a great way to get a quality Gift out there to start Building your List with.

Just be sure NOT to copy or use the PLR report as is. You do want to make it relatively unique and in your own words

Anyway, so there you have it.

The 4 Things you MUST have to start Building your List.
3.domain gift

Now what are you waiting for. Off to work lol

Robert Andrew
(as always feel free to email me with any questions)

P.S   Hey,  I  have to add that there are really 5 Things you need to make List Building a Success.

I was just going on too long in this email so I thought I would have another whole section dealing with this one necessity.

It really is that important.This one thing changed my IM life forever. Seriously

So stay tuned next Lesson as I reveal the 5th Thing you need to have in this business.

See you then







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