Mindset is Huge in Email Marketing

 In Email Marketing You Have to do this to be Successful !

I am not the one to waste anytime and I’ m just going to jump right into it now ( because that is the way I roll 🙂   )

So let me start off by saying there is ONE thing many people overlook and try to minimize the importance of in Internet Marketing and List Building.

For awhile in my own career, uhmm probably the first 2 years or so, I admit sometimes this ONE thing I did not focus on hard enough.

At all !

Matter of fact being the somewhat Cocky guy that I can be lol, I do not think I even recognized this problem at first.

Well, I finally did and it is the main reason that I found true Success.

And I cannot even begin to over state how freaking important it really is.Hint: It begins with letter M

Can you guess?


You MUST have the correct Mindset if you plan to successfully pursue any type of business online particularly Email Marketing..

And I am not trying to be like Tony Robins and feed you some mumbo jumbo stuff when I talk about this.

WARNING : Okay here is the SmartA$$ Rob about ready to rear his ugly head right now lol……..

‘If you plan to treat the List building business as a hobby and not as a true business, you might as well unsubscribe right now. ‘

I say this with sincerity because the information that I’m going to share with you really can provide a full time Living and much , MUCH more if implemented over a sustained period of time.

Its that simple !

Frankly, it is not just something that can provide you with some pocket money here and there.

If you want that I will give you the Websites of some Paid Surveys you can take to do that.

Bottom line is if you are going to succeed online you need to adopt this Mindset of “building a business” and NOT just the mindset of “trying to make money on the internet.”

There is a huge difference !

I am not going to beat around the bush and sugar coat .

When you are building your business online, you will come up with many, many obstacles. Some will be so tough you almost feel like scrapping it altogether and quitting.

Trust me I have been there numerous times.

For instance, the technical stuff always got me in a snag. And to an extent still does.

But just let me tell you  is just normal ,especially when you are first starting out.

But the difference between people that succeed online and people that fail is the people who succeed do what it takes and just keep pushing forward little by little and day after day.

I know this sounds so cliche. But it is honestly the truth. And I cannot stress it enough.

So starting right here and right now adopt the Mindset of a steamroller. ( I know a steamroller does not have a Mind. But you know what I mean lol)

You will trample down and steamroll every little problem and challenge that comes your way.

Perhaps you have made some money in other areas of Internet marketing but have come to a standstill.

Or perhaps you are brand spanking new to this game.A total Newbie

Which ever one, here is the fact… You MUST concentrate at ALL times in building a email List of responsive customers.

Every single thing you do in your business must be focused around building your List.

Each and everyday.

Your email list is a Asset.

In other wards, 3 years down the road when you are making thousands upon thousands of dollars or more a month from it,  you can actually put a selling price on your List and sell it to someone.

Pretty cool, uh ?

In mean time, it is also important to  point out with every business there will be tools and software you may need to invest in.

In my next Post, I will explain 4 things which you really have to have if you want to be serious about building a highly profitable List !

You go without ONE of these 4, then you might as well pack up and go home.

See you next  next time,
Robert Andrew

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