So who is the Email Marketing Nerd !

Howdy. Robert Andrew here.

Okay. First of all,  can promise you that I am no ego maniac . Not by a long shot 🙂So please take no offense to what you are about to read.

Its just that I think it is only right that you know something about me.

So Who the Hell is Robert Andrew ??

Okay I will try to be quick here.

I started all this craziness back at the end of 2007. I was looking for some extra money to make as I was a full time Futures trader and Swing Trader in the Stock Market ( doing it from home).

My Trading had started to go south on me and between trades I had time to burn. I really needed the extra money as time went by and the Markets tumbled out of control.

I admit I was getting a tad bit  desperate.

That is when I found Paid Surveys. I started doing those and to my surprise I got paid to them.

Not much at all, but it got me thinking that you can really make money online contrary to what I had been told before.

So long story short this pushed me forward into learning a little bit about Internet Marketing  and I set up a blog and started making money with Adsense.

Other forms of revenue came along including advertising and CPA and Affiliate products and my favorite way to make money…. List Building and Email Markeitng.

From there I never looked back, and have been Full Time with Affiliate and Internet Marketing since 2009 from my Home in  San Antonio, Texas

And Yes it is hot as hell down here, too!


So as I said earlier do not take offense to my sometimes smart arse remarks or ruminations about things like Life and Email marketing. Basically I love to have fun.


Also NOTE ..I hate BS and anything to do about it. I will be straight up with you about Everything. Even if it makes make look bad.

Iam brutally honest and can be in your face at times. But deep down  be assured that I’m just a harmless

little daisy  🙂

 Anyway, that is about it for now.

Wheeew, I got that outta of the way. So enough about Me, now we move on to You !

Robert Andrew




























































































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