Been getting back into Solo Ads

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Yeah its been awhile since I was doing Solo Ads to build my email List. But I got with a fellow Warrior and friend Chris Mollo who is an expert at solo ads. This guy has literally built a full time business based on using solo ads for about 90% of his traffic source.


I know he bucks the trend as most IMers say solo ads are just junk traffic  that is composed of people on umpteen lists getting spam over and over in their inbox  🙁


Well, Chris has really helped me, almost like a coach and he has done it for free.


Unbelievable really  🙂


Here are my Results for the first 4 of have run…


1. 04-20-17
100 Clicks- $40
Opitn rate- 52.8%
No. Optins- 57
1 Sale – Lee Murray Down and Dirty LB – $8.67
***.$55 cents per lead


2. 04-24-17  300 Clicks – $100
149 optins 43.3 % optin
1 Sale : Down and Dirty $8.67
*****$.61 per lead



3. 05-0-17 – $100 for 300 clicks
171 Optins 50.3%
1 sale 8 minute – $5.71
***.55  per lead



4. 05-15-17 – $110 for 300 clicks
146 optin 41.5%
1 sale Instafilliate – $47.52
***** $.42per lead





I have to admit Iam very encouraged. I did not break even with the OTO sales but still look at my cost per lead. Pretty nice, huh ??


Here is the things with Solos to be successful:

1.You must have a List of quality Vendors and  you can find on Facebook groups.. Here is the best one because it has Solo Vendors whose Customers had actual Sales.


2. Your  Sq. Page is crucial. You must have 40% optin Rate. No exceptions. Chris helped me out with this tremendously. He was a lifesaver.

3. Find quality OTO affiliate  Offers that you can make money back or even break even with the initial run of the Solo Ad.


4.Set up Follow Up emails that build a rapport with these solo ad optins.It’s tough but somehow you’re going to have to distinguish yourself from all the other Lists they are on. In my first intro. follow up I tell them a little about myself and even put a picture of me in it. Be creative and think of ways you can engage with them. Think outside of the Box !


The potential is definitely there for Solo Ads. But you must seek quality Vendors. Even with the best Vendors you are going to get Leads that are getting hit with many emails from other Lists. That’s just the nature of Solo Ads.


So you must really make yourself stand apart from the other in your Follow Ups and Broadcasts. Be original and unique and personable as well as helpful with excellentcontent


And You need to make sure your Sq. PAge Converts. That’s a must !!


The best thing to do is start out small with 100 clicks and gauge and test and keep the Vendors that produce some sales and higher optin rates.


Is having a Blog Necessary to make $50K+ in Email Marketing

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blog Hello…
hope things are doing good for you this mid May day 🙂

I get asked this question a lot.  I go to the Warriors Forum which is renowned for it’s Online  Marketing discussion and it seems like people are wondering about this and even starting Threads about it all the time.

And the thing is you will get highly reputable Warriors who actually get on the Thread and say it is absolutely necessary to have a blog/ website to be successful in IM.

Well,let me set you straight on this….

It is not necessary to have a Blog to make big bucks in Email marketing.

That is a fact !! There are people like Ben Settle who do not have a blog per say that he concentrates on an ongoing basis with totally new material ( i will get more in depth with this in a second).

However,  it sure does NOT hurt 😉

But if you do NOT have the Time nor Patience to do such …
well here is a technique that I and a number of marketers do.

Simply take all your Follow Ups and Broadcasts you do and put them on a Blog.

Ingenious right !!!!!! 🙂

Well, its not rocket science and really is just common sense.

Syndicating your original, unique, and most awesome content just makes total sense.

So start doing it today, folks.

Buy a Domain and get your Hosting  if you do not have it already (And put an Optin Form for people to sign up to your List. Getting them on your List should be the priority)

Then simply take your best emails that are “blog worthy” and copy and paste on your OWN blog( don’t use free blogs. Own your own site. It’s an Asset)

By doing this you are not only building your Brand but you are extending your reach on the World Wide Web and imo as I said earlier your sole goal in doing this is to have traffic come to your Site, check it out, and then sign up for your Optin Form on the side.

So build that List bigger and bigger and do it with a  Blog 🙂

You’re welcome with this small but important piece of advice and you can thank me later 🙂

Robert Andrew

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Don’t like what I Say ?? Then Get your own F#$@%$#@ Microphone !

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images HA !!
Yeah, you have a deranged and warped mind if you think my Subject line contained a  Profanity.

That word was “Freaking”  not the other one your dirty Mind was thinking. You need to learn to count the spaces  i.e. F#$@%$#@  🙂

Anyway, just a quick one today and something I want to impress upon you guys.

A long time ago another esteemed Marketer shared this gold nugget with me.

It’s very important so listen up :
Your List and your interaction with them via Email should be equated to having your  OWN RADIO SHOW.

It really should be. You are the “owner” and  “deejay” and you determine what gets played on “Air”. And you determine  what is said and what material is gonna be talked about  on Your Radio Show.

Listen guys too many of you out there when building your List worry way tooooo much about what a certain portion  of your List might like or might get pissed off about or God Forbid might Unsubscribe to.

Stop doing this crap Immediately !!

I quit worrying about it a long time ago.

I suggest you do the same.

Seriously !!.

Here is EXACTLY what happens if you do not stop with the  crazy worrying about what your poor little cherished and sensitive Subscribers think……
It will totally and I mean TOTALLY  erode your Overall Creativeness and will severely limit your ability to develop your “Voice”.

The Voice that truly resonates with your own Soul and the Voice which resonates with a certain number of Subscribers on your List.

Notice how I said ” a certain number”

Because I can tell you right now you might as well  just fold up your hand and go home if you are thinking you can connect with everyone on your List.

It aint gonna happen, people.

There will be those who hate you and those who will send you disturbed emails ( every once and awhile lol) and those who  don’t give a rats arse either way.

Move past this and focus on the ones who adore you and hang on to every word you speak 🙂

Believe me they are out there . It just takes time and commitment but they can definitely be found.

Just find yourself first and  learn to effectively develop that Voice of yours that touches people in a most poignant  and awe- inspiring way  🙂

Cheers to all you deejays out there,
Robert  “mic and all” Andrew

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Want to make $1k to $5k mo? Just be an A-hole ;)

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I know I am pushing the boundaries just a wee bit with the Subject Line in my Email and the image.  lol

But hey I want to get across this point to you guys.

So listen up.

I know many of you have Lists, some small some big and some in between.

And I want to impress upon you( if I haven’t already) to have Emails that are really Personality Driven.

What do I mean by this?

Well, in essence it’s adopting a persona and a ‘voice’ that fits nicely with who you are and just going with that and portraying that in your emails.

Now listen Iam NOT saying  you need to be someone you are not.

Rather let  your subtle eccentricities ( yes, we all have little personality quirks here and there) come out in your emails to your List to set a desired tone.

….that could be a smart arse ( me a little bit), it could be someone who is a comedian ( me a little also 😉 ) it could also be someone who is a jack of all trades and a know it all ( me as well ,LOL)  etc..etc..

So you get the point.

Treat your email marketing and your List Building as a important  platform to express yourself thru your  Follow Ups and Broadcasts.

Have fun at it and be engaging while also providing tons of value (free and paid) for your Subs

Remember it’s your “radio show” dammit and treat it as such ! You own the “airwaves” so just go for it and  do not let any freaking thing stand in your way  *;) winking

The Email Marketing Nerd

P.S. Also, do not be scared to produce your “radio show” everyday or even twice a day or more if you have something really important ( and goofy) to say. You call the shots lol

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Don’t Wuss out! Just Resend that Email Again to Double your Sales ;)

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hot tipDamn, April has been going by fast.

It just feels like just the other day when I was playing a April Fool’s prank at the World Renown Warrior Forum telling people in a Thread   that my Wife and I were  going on a leave of absence to start a legal brothel with my brother and his wife in Nevada.

Ha, that was a trip !! And the Mods didn’t  take too kindly to it as the Post  was deleted in a heart beat LOL

Anyway enough of the silly side of me.

Just want to give you all a Tip today that can really shoot up your Profitability in Email Marketing.
Even double or triple your Overall Sales.

Seriously !!

I have been doing it for awhile and it works.

You send out a Broadcast. And if it is one that had high opened Rates, Click thru Rates, and Sales then in a few days don’t be scared to shoot it out again to those Subscribers who didn’t Open it.

( Yes, Aweber and Get Response have the capability to do this with Segmenting Unopened Emails )

Here are 4 quick Rules to follow when you do this
1)Good to wait on average 3 days to resend 2nd email to unopens.
2) Also tweak Subject Line. Maybe put “Reminder”  or “Last Chance” to make it different than 1st one
3) Send different time of day than first email. Maybe the people who did not open first time it was bad part of day.
4) Only send your most important campaigns. Like I said I think for me the ones that had impressive Open and Click Thru Rates and Sales..

People, bottom line is you  need to do this. You are leaving  considerable money on the table if you don’t !!

And please do not run and be a wuss and become scared because you think your Subscribers might get mad or even (God Forbid) Unsubscribe with too
many Emails  🙁

If you are scared then you have no damn business being in this business.

Comprehende ??

Now go get to work  and Resend some of those Top Emails of Yours !! And let’s here that cash register and the familiar chi-ching noise. That’s beautiful music  to my ears 🙂

Robert “return to sender”  Andrew… a.k.a The Email Marketing nerd



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Shout, Yell, Talk Out Loud to be Successful in Email Marketing ;)

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Hey folks,
I know one of the biggest problems I hear from people is this…
…”how do I write profitable , award winning emails”?


” I just cannot think of anything to write in my Emails”

Well, no need to make it rocket surgery or whatever the hell they call it. LOL

Do what I’m doing RIGHT this second.

Iam sitting here getting ready for Summer and am imagining my best friend is in the room.

Iam talking out loud to him even though he is not here.
And essentially writing what Iam speaking. And describing out loud to him what to do in this dilemma.

What does this do ?? It effectively breaks down your thought  patterns into a simplistic way that will get  you writing in a very fluent and easy flowing manner.

People say “rob I just cannot write ”

I say BS. If you can talk you can write.

This is a simple exercise any of you can do. Speak out aloud and write what you are speaking. Of course have purpose behind what you are saying and be addressing a relative or friend.

The more you do it, the better will become at it.

And the better you become at it, the more effective your emails will get..

And ultimately  the more effective your emails get, the more SALES you will realize  *B-) cool

Nice huh ? 😉

And remember the more you do this the more of a “conversationalist” will become. I have said this before and will say it again being a Conversationalist is a MUST with Email Marketing and Copy.

When you talk in this tone it can really connect to your Readers and engages them. Of course being able to Engage with your Readers is such an important step that will eventually lead to Trust and as I said before more SALES !!

Nice huh ?? ( wait a second didn’t I just day this above  LOL )

Cheers to OUR Success,
The Nerd

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” Man Makes 10K mo. Sending Potatoes” WTF :)

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Sorry don’t mean this acronym ,WTF,  to infer profanity.
I would never stoop to such a low level…not me  lol

Actually in The Nerd’s Universe this mean “What the Freak ”  🙂

Yeah, not everyone is like YOU with your F-bomb mentality  😉

Anyway, enough of this silliness !!

So you are asking “Who the Freak”  is this guy who makes 10K a month selling and mailing regular idaho potatoes that your grandma cooks and eats with short personalized  messages written on it ??

( This was a Thread on the World Famous and sometimes crappy but still relevant  Forum we all know as the Warrior Forum LOL  )

His name is Alex Craig and he is a 24yr.old Texan who came up with the idea at dinner with his girlfriend.
She thought it was the dumbest idea she ever heard.

Well,  little cutesy girlfriend  you can kiss his texan arse as he  seems to be laughing all the way to the bank.  *:) happy

Alex  has sold over 2,000 of these potatoes charging up to $10 a pop to write a 140 character message.

Like happy birthday or congrats on the baby girl etc..etc..

He started in May and he is  clearing 10K a month.

Not too shabby by anyone’s account

And this is an example of what thinking outside the box can do. This kind of thinking happens everyday on the Internet.

In the last 20 years or so ,the medium has enabled people to reach an extraordinary amount of people in a very short time.

So let this be a lesson to you guys who think some ideas are just too damn silly to work. The fact is silly ideas that are creative can work and in  some cases can really strike a tune with the masses !

Case and point  : Potatoes  !!  *;) winking

The best,
Robert “just plain silly”  Andrew


You’re a Real Idiot if You Don’t Sell in Every Email You Send out !

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Hey, I know people want to stick by that famous mantra…Give, give ,give.

Many of you guys are brainwashed by this ideology especially if you go to the Warriors Forum and other Internet Marketing Forums..

Yeah , you know what Iam talking about  *;) winking

…not being selfish and being the “good guy” by sending out loads and loads of FREE content to your List that really benefits them.

Well, you know what being a really really GOOD GUY means?

I will tell what it means : Offering valuable tools that will truly help your List and tools that actually are so damn good that they do indeed cost money.

So you guys really need to get off your Arses and give your List what they want .

And many times that involves selling them something that they can really use and help them actually solve some problems in their lives.

You can do it in so many ways that are NOT intrusive. One of my favorite ways to do it is provide excellent Content with Value and place a simple P.S. Link at the bottom of your Email leading to a Product that could really help them that much more….and it does Cost!

Also you can  have different Styles of email campaigns in your Follow Ups and Broadcasts.

For instance, you can have ONE day where it is straight content to your List. Mix it up with education and humor. And then maybe the next day you can do some straight selling. But only on a product that is of high quality.

Or do three straight days Content with value and two straight  days of selling, maybe one with “hard” selling.
My point is be creative and try different things.

Sometimes the fact of being “unpredictable” to your List can go a long ways in stimulating curiosity in your List…i.e “what is he going to do or say next” ?.

Which in turn can mean higher Engagement and Open rates with them !!

Bottom Line : Do not be afraid to sell.

Btw, you do not have to listen to those damn “goorooos” who say you have to Give, Give, Give until you are blue in the face.
As I have said  earlier,  I got sucked into this nonsense and mantra that is rehashed over and over again.

I will say this one last thing : most people in Life who Give., Give, Give eventually end up sick in the hosptital or out on the streets without a pot to pee in.

Just sayin.

The Nerd


” Why I Unsubscribed to this Nitwit’s List ? ” ;)

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Well, first things first.

I am still recovering from about 3 major binges this last week from Easter candy…compliments of my two kids’ Easter Bunny baskets  😉

So here is how it went down. Being the uncontrollable glutton I am , anything they did not want I devoured myself.

That included Skittles,Hershey  Mounds, Snickers, and Butterfingers which were amongst the discarded candy that found my mouth lol

I will be alright here in a little bit, but my stomach is still a little upset.

Enough of that.

Today I will be short. It is important though. So listen up.

A good way to figure out how you want to write  engaging mails to your List and what tone you want to have with them is to look at  the actual  current Lists that you Subscribe to.

I will do this myself. I subscribe to a handful of people. Many others I have Subscribed to I end up Unsubscribing to.

The reason ? Some of the guys that did not make the cut  were just not consistent and believable people.Just to be honest.

Many times they would say one thing in an Email and down the road they would say something that was completely contradictory to what they said earlier.

So guys, ALWAYS be Congruent in what you say. For instance, do not say you just hate SEO in one email then promote a back linking product to build Rankings in another email.

This will NOT fly with your Subscribers.

So be trustworthy !.

Another reason, I Unsubscribed to some people in the past was their lack of Credibility and Professionalism.

I bought a really good Product from a guy last year. After I made this purchase, the numskull sent  me literally ‘5 liner’  emails that told me why I needed to buy his next product.

He offered NO emails that had any substance or content to them. He offered NO valid reasons why I should consider him a credible source. He just wanted to Sell, Sell, Sell, and not Give, Give, Give at all.

So folks be sure to really give Value to your Subscribers in your Emails.

And above everything else just be your true self when engaging with your List. It really is the ONLY way to do it  🙂

The Best,
The Email Marketing Nerd


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This is What Can happen if You have a List of 20K :)

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In the past I have made it clear that building a business online with email marketing can be a numbers game when you get down to it.

It truly can and you need to ingrain this in that head of yours before we go any further.

…..You just need the proper tools and education to get it going

What do I mean by numbers ?

Well, for instance let’s say over a period of time you build an impressive List of over 20K Subscribers.

That is a reasonable number to shoot for if you work smart !

So one day you are sitting there twiddling your thumbs and you say to yourself, “Hey self I should NOT be just sitting here doing jack  because I can make some money with that List”  ( lol)

So you get your butt off the couch and send out an email to these 20K .

Out of these emails, you have a 20% Open rate
( fairly average). Which equates to 4K Subs  opening that email.

Now on top of this, you get a decent Click Through Rate of around 30%. That means 1,200  people go to your Product Sales Page.

And Conversions are at  6% for a product that pays $20 Commission.

So your total gross Sales would be right over $1,740 for that ONE email.

Not too shabby.

(Of course it is paramount that this List of 20K is not some List attained by shady tactics and full of Spam Addresses or just plain dead addresses !!)

Anyway, this is just something to chew on and ponder as you go throughout your day ( or night 😉 )

The possibilities are definitely there. No question. You  just need to have the patience, perseverance, and hard work to make this a reality.

And of course the knowledge of how to go about doing this. Which I think I can come in and assist you with …nerd style that  is  🙂

Until next time,
Robert Andrew

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